Saudi prince and Emirate's first female pilot lead the blitz on ISIS as Arab states send squadrons of fighters to blast terror group in Iraq and Syria


I feel that ISIL is a group that clearly threatens both Muslims and non Muslims. One can note the terror that ISIL inflicts on people, if your a Muslim and you disagree with ISIL, your liable to get executed. ISIL posts videos of mass executions of Muslims on the internet while claiming itself to be a Muslim group. ISIL has converted at least one Christian Church into a Mosque, which is a violation of Islam. Yet as God wills, there are those who are willing to stand up to ISIS. This includes the Christians and Muslims of Iraq and Syria, and in addition, a # of Arab majority nations and western Christian majority nations, have joined together, in the fight against ISIS.

Blitz on Isis: The son of Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prince Khaled bin Salman, has been pictured in the cockpit of his Tornado IDS jet after piloting it in strikes against the terrorist group in Syria

Strike aircraft from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, France and the U.S have all flown bombing runs over Syria, with Britain set to add its firepower to the alliance in the coming days. Pictured is a Saudi F-15E that took part in a mission against Isis

*The prince was joined in the skies by the United Arab Emirate’s first female air force pilot, Major Mariam Al Mansouri (pictured), 35, whose F-16 fighter was one of several from a group of Arab nations that are blitzing Isis

Firepower: Saudi Arabian air force pilots pose for a photo at an undisclosed location after attacking Isis fanatics. They’re pictured here in front of a Tornado jet

*Ready for combat: Saudi Arabian air force pilots sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet

Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh revealed that Prince Khaled bin Salman had taken part in the Syria air strikes*

Air Force Lt General David L Goldfein had some thoughts on the coaltion.

*WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2014 –

Speaking at an Air Force Association breakfast Sept. 23, Air Force Lt. Gen. David L. Goldfein said it is “very significant” that five Arab countries joined the coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. He noted that this wasn’t the first time Arab nations came forward. Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan helped in air operations over Libya. Goldfein previously served as commander of U.S. Central Command’s Air Force component.

***The Arab nations fit right in with operations against ISIL, he said. “I actually got to fly with each of the countries in the Gulf,” the general said. “What I came away with is there may be no better example in how an investment in building partner capacity has paid off.***”

The Arab pilots were all graduates of the Gulf Air Warfare Center sponsored by the United Arab Emirates.


The USA and its partner nations play a big role in protecting the travel routes that are located around the GCC states. ISIS poses a threat to the GCC states, but I’m glad that the USA and its partner nations have well trained, professional armed forces, to take on ISIL.

Part of this reason I created this thread was because of guys like this,

I think its important to remember the Muslim and Christians of Iraq and Syria who do live in peace with each other. There are issues of persecution of minorities around the world, but one way to defeat ISIL, is to show ISIL that they are not the true followers of Islam, no peaceful, just religion condones heinous acts against innocents.

Finally, I am reminded of the views of Pope Francis, who teaches to respect Muslims and Jews.*


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Uh, what? This behavior has been characteristic of Islam for well over 1,000 years now. Ever heard of the Hagia Sophia? Muslims didn’t build it. It was stolen. Nothing new about it.

In what part of the Koran does Allah instruct his followers to respect and preserve Christian churches? The parts I’m familiar with allow dhimmi (conquered Jews and Christians) to keep their churches and synagogues, but forbid them from repairing them, thus dooming them to eventual destruction.


This thread is not just about Islam, its mainly about the fact that Arab nations are joining the fight against ISIL, we also have the Kurds, a group of mainly Muslims who suggest that ISIL is against Islam. I think its only fair to give the Kurds and Arab nations credit, a # of brave Kurds have already died in the fight against ISIL. I think its a good thing that both Muslims and non Muslims are joining together to fight ISIL.

In any event, to respond to your point,

I suggest looking into what is known as * The Achitatime of Muhammad *

That no person hinder them from repairing their churches

More on the Achtiname,

The document has been instrumental in the protection of the monastery, and as a means of ensuring peaceful and cooperative relations between Christians and Moslems. The continuous existence of the monastery during fourteen centuries of Islamic rule is a sign of the respect given to this Letter of Protection, and the principles of peace and cooperation that it enshrines.

*Muslims Who Persecute Christians Are Violating a DIRECT ORDER from Muhammad

ISIS and other Muslim extremists who persecute Christians are disobeying a direct order from Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

Specifically, in 626 AD, Muhammad issued The Achtiname of Muhammad, also known as the Covenant or (Holy) Testament (Testamentum) of the Prophet Muhammad.*

I have Muslim family members and I have Muslim friends, they are good people.I have been to a Masjid, I have meant good people who identify as Muslim.

I’m not a Muslim but I try and go by what the Catholic Church teaches about how to view others. Pope Francis has visited a # of Muslim majority countries, and has had a # of meetings with Muslim leaders. The Pope seems to generally say nice things about Islam and Muslims. The problem is that groups like ISIL are attempting to hi jack Islam.

In my view, and in the views of Muslims I have spoken with, groups like ISIL and Al Qaeda are against key Islamic values, as it is against Islam to harass non Muslims. I have been told by Muslims that one cant be a true Muslim and then turn around and kill a Muslim or non Muslim for unjustified reasons.


Let’s be clear here. I’m not condemning muslims or asserting that being a muslim means you are a nasty person. I too have known plenty of virtuous and decent human being by any measure who are muslim. But that has as much to do with evaluating the teachings of Islam as the policies of Nancy Pelosi have to do with the teachings of Catholicism.

People and ideas are different things. One can criticize ideas and principles and still respect the people who hold them. I’ve never heard of the document you cite before, but it won’t take you long to find the concept of dhimmitude in a WIDE variety of Islamic teachings and history.

And I challenge you to this. Ask your muslim friends if it was WRONG of muslims to seize the Hagia Sophia, to turn it into a mosque, to kidnap the children of Christians and turn the sons into Janissaries. Ask if Mehmed II was a bad muslim displeasing to Allah. I look forward to their responses.


Muslim (20:4696) - “the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: ‘One who died but did not fight in the way of Allah nor did he express any desire (or determination) for Jihad died the death of a hypocrite.’”

…all Muslims are called to Jihad.


I’m not a Muslim but I try and go by what Catholic Church has to say about Muslims. Pope Francis consistently has nice things to say about Muslims. There were times when Christians took up arms for righteous reasons, and they did so because they believed their religion told them to do so. For example, during the US civil war, folks in the South suggested that the Bible allows for slavery, whilst folks in the North, suggested that the Bible teaches to free the slaves. Of course, there were some Pro Slavers in the North, and some abolitionists in the south.

These days, there are Muslim politicians and religious figures in the ME who support the USA, the problem is that they dont get enough airtime.

Today we have the Kurds and other US friendly Muslims, who are taking up arms for righteous reasons. I support the Kurds and other US friendly Muslims who themselves will suggest that Islam is a good religion and that these things that ISIL and Al Qaeda do go against Islam.


If that’s what you believe, then I wouldn’t feel right telling you otherwise. But I can tell you that what I believe is that Muslims are our brothers and sisters in faith, and that their faith doesn’t stem from the Koran or the Hadith at all. Faith can come only come from God Himself… God loves all people, and to make the claim that their faith comes from Abraham proves it comes from God. We know the devil cannot create faith or free will, he can only corrupt it.

The books of Islam are a whole other story.
They are massively corrupted as a blend of half good and half bad. Jihad, for example is bad. It’s corrupt. What worries me is that these books, with their 50% corruption actually corrupt about the same % of Muslims that it helps. IOW, these books are causing a lot of problems, and the faith that already exists in Muslims has a 50 / 50 chance of either becoming good or becoming corrupted by evil.

That’s why there is so much fighting being generated from Islamic texts. To ignore these faults by highlighting the good only encourages more imbalance to continue.


I would disagree about the 50% chance of a Muslim spreading good or evil,if that was the case I believe there would be WW3. I think the # of bad Muslims, or bad eggs, is a similar # to that of bad Christians or bad Jews.

I feel that only a few tens of thousands of Muslims support groups like Al Qaeda, now this in comparison to the 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide. Yes, its true that there are discriminatory laws in places such as Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia is teamed up with the USA in the fight against ISIL. Jordan, now that is a country that is known for its tolerance and level of hospitality, Jordan and Israel have a peace treaty and conduct business deals with each other.

Whilst I can not speak for the Quran as I’m not a Muslim, I have found that from my reading of the Quran and other Islamic Scriptures, that Islam teaches to respect your fellow man. I feel that some folks misinterpret Jihad, including groups such as Al Qaeda. But again, I am not a Muslim, I dont follow the Quran, but I do want to ask what do you mean when you say that the books of Islam are corrupted, are you talking about both the Hadtihs and Quran? Because Muslims suggest that the words of the Quran have never changed.


Both the Koran and the Hadith are corrupt because they encourage violence against Jews and infidels. But the strange part is that in other sections, the opposite seems to be suggested. Like a contradiction… That’s why I say that it’s 50% good 50% bad (corrupt).

The Catholic Church teaches this as well -that the Islamic books teach some truths and some fabrications.

…it’s hard to imagine, though, that Jihad is good. I’ve never heard of jihad being a peaceful and caring task. In fact, Mohammed considered it a “fight”. It means to battle, using violence against non Muslims. There is no avoiding the evil in this.


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