Saudis forbid bible, Dutch politician wants ban on Kuran.


In Holland Eshan Jami, a politician who was beat up 3 times by radical muslims, now has police protection since the threats on his person had become very severe. Mr. Jami is an ex muslim and voices his opinions strongly about Islam.

As a reaction to this a politican Geert Wilders called for a ban of the Kuran in Holland. Of course everyone was outraged about this and dismissed the idea right away.

Then I happend to stumble on this article.

Despite a series of initiatives aimed at generating foreign tourism, the Saudi Arabian government continues to bar Jews and Christians from bringing items such as Bibles, crucifixes and Stars of David into the country and is threatening to confiscate them on sight.”

On the webiste of Saudi Airlines it even reads: “items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam are also prohibited. These may include Bibles, crucifixes, statues, carvings, items with religious symbols such as the Star of David, and others

I guess it’s terrible that people in the west want to forbid the Kuran, but when the Saudi’s forbid religious books and artifacts it’s ok? I guess oil is a powerful tool :rolleyes:


Its terrible in either case, but I think its a little petty to ban the Quran just to spite the Saudi ban on non Islamic items. Besides the Netherlands are hardly a bastion of Christianity.


He wanted the ban because he’s anti-Islam not b/c of the Saudi ban. That was just a reference I put in. My point was: no-one (seems to) cares that the Saudi’s do it.


Very true and as a bastion of liberalism they’re struggling to come to terms with Islam.

Not so long ago a Dutchman Theo van Gogh was murdered for making a film about Islam


I care, I just don’t see a way to put a stop to it. Saudi Arabia is run by a fundamentalist government and because of their blind hate of anything un Islamic they will not listen to reason and I doubt can be swayed on compassionate grounds. Also as their surrounding neighbours are all overwhelmingly Muslim, I can’t see one of them protesting for the rights of non Muslims as their own people would probably turn on them. I only hope other countries do not follow by their example.


Banning the Quran accomplishes nothing - all it will do is radicalise Muslims within the Netherlands.

Freedom of religion is one of the things that makes the west better than the middle east. We can’t fight against tyranny by adopting tyranny. Remember the words of Jesus: “Turn the other cheek.”

Islam is a major threat to the West. Anyone who claims that it is a religion of peace is clearly misguided. A simple investigation into the life of Muhammad will show Islam for what it really is.

I encourage all on here to make a study of Islam. Don’t buy into the rubbish that Islam means peace. Find out for yourself.


Moslems are ‘radicalised’ becuase of the Koran.

Other than that I agree with you


I have spoken personally with people coming in and out of Saudi Arabia. The ban evidently has not prevented growth of the Church, including among Saudis.


I have spent a year in the region ( Saudi, Qutar, Iraq etc). Once they know you are Christian, they get this look like you just peed in public at Mecca.

The Koran should be banned. It breed nothing but fanatics that I have been fighting my whole military career. I refuse to believe that any religion that calls itself " the religion of peace" that justifies the demeaning of women, the enslavement of others, and the paying of non-muslim tax to be anything more then a big fat lie. And all this in the name of God.

Sounds alot like Opressive Inc. to me


You forgot that they claim to “respect” women and show it by demeaning and suppressing them. Other than that… I thought your post was worth seeing twice… I too was in the military, if any of you believe the “religion of peace” doo-doo, I have some prime swampland in FL to sell you!!!

Sorry, but I firmly believe that Islam is the work of Satan!!! To heck with political correctness. When are we going to realize that Moslem’s are using our own idiosyncrasies against us and we need to fight for our way of life back and rid the world of the hate that Islam spreads.


Indeed :slight_smile:


Just another proof that both the PC police and Koran are satanic inspired.


This is great news.

It’s a testimony to God’s light that no matter how hard Islam tries, the truth will shine through.


Islam’s all reversed. They deem that men can’t control their sexual urges, so instead of attempting restraint, they make women dress up. Islam’s all about abrogation of responsibility. It’s like if I didn’t like the way you looked, so you should have to change!


The Saudi’s have banned the bible for at least the past 50 years its not news. What is sad is that the U.S. government continues to work freely with them. Thats Americas problem, we continue to support whatever right wing idiots are in power so long as they play for the right team. They should just let muslims kill each other since that is what they do best and then go in to clean up the mess.


I don’t have any references on this and it would be nice to have one if anyone knows of one. It’s boarder line gossip, but I was happy to hear the troops reaction so I’ll repeat it. I heard that back in the 90’s the state department banned the Catholic Mass from our American bases in Kuwait and Saudi a Arabia. But I also heard, that is one order that got disobeyed in the dark of the night in the troops barracks. The Body Blood Soul and Divinity of Christ Reigns forever.


Yes like the following Biblical verse the Biblical truth will shine to ignorant Saudi muslims:

11 Wherefore my bowels shall sound like a harp for Moab, and my inward parts for the brick wall.
(Isaiah 16 - Douay Rheims Bible )

How about other Arab world such as Egypt or Syria where Bible is not banned? How much truth of Bible is shining there?


Whilst it’s not banned they’ve still had a history of repression (less so in Egypt because one of Muhammed’s wives put in a special plea for them)


But if the Bibles are not banned at all in countries like Egypt or Syria or Morrocco or Lebanon…and there are countless Arabic versions of the Bibles available in those Arab countries then why the Biblical truth is not shinning there …and what Biblical truth can shine from the bowels of BiIblical Isaiah which sounds like a harp for Moab, and his inward parts for the brick wall.?
(Isaiah 16 - Douay Rheims Bible )

And why not BIblical truth is shining in Italy where:

**1.5 Million Italians Turn Out in Massive Rome Protest Against Homosexual Civil Unions
Oraganizers Were Expecting Only 100,000

By Gudrun Schultz,

ROME, Italy, May 14, 2007 ( - Italians from across the country poured into Rome May 12 to join in a demonstration against a law that would give legal recognition to homosexual couples–reports showed up to 1.7 million people overflowed the St. John Lateran piazza. Organizers initially expected to draw about 100,000.

The proposed legislation would give homosexual couples–and unmarried heterosexual couples–similar rights to those of married couples, stopping just short of legalizing homosexual marriage.**


I’ve not said that the Bible isn’t illuminating any other nation at all.

The fact that there’s people in Arabia who can be brought to the truth, despite the governments best efforts is what I praised.

This doesn’t mean that people aren’t brought to the truth in other ways in other places.

The fact that the Italians are protesting homosexual unions is evidence of the Bible at work there.

Did you have a point?

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