"Saul Saul why are you persecuting me?"


Hello everyone! I’m not very good at navigating the bible, but I need to write a summary on Saint Paul. I was wondering if someone could find the whole conversation between Jesus and Paul and post it here. Thanks!


Acts 9 I believe…welcome to the forum!


Hi Cello Player, the account is actually told a few times in Acts:

Acts 9:3-7

Acts 22:6-11

Acts 26:12-18

Hope that helps.



Thanks guys! It was very helpful.


Just to throw a spanner in the works:
Translation vary in what they include in Acts 9.


the second section "It is Hard for thee to kick against the Goad"
is present here in very few translations. it is present in the later re-telling's.

It references a Greek saying of the time which meant that it would be self destructive for a person to fight against the will of God, in the same way it would be bad for a Cow or Ox to kick back against a cattle-prod - which at the time was a big scythe like metal spike. (The ox could easily cripple itself by doing so).


For future reference: you can easily find stuff like this with a Bible search engine.

Such as this one: RSV-CE with keyword search.

Or just type a phrase in Google, and you will get a number of different translations.


I also find that there are 2 very usefull tools for when you need to compare translations:

The first is a catholic website, the other is not, but lists a wider range of translations.
These sites let you put any bible passage sided by side across multiple translations and includes some commentaries.


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