Save America, Make Babies


Just curious to see what other’s opinion is of the following new clip seen on FoxNews…*&output=xml_no_dtd&sort=date:D:S:d1&ie=UTF-8&client=my_frontend&filter=0&site=video&proxystylesheet=my_frontend&q=Save%20America,%20Make%20Babies


The rapid depopulation of the West is a major crisis that is ignored by politicians and policymakers, but economists and people of faith know it spells doom on many fronts.

This is an extremely serious issue, and it is exactly this that toppled the Roman Empire. Contraception, abortion, and infanticide along with loose morals and indifference prevailed, the population declined, they brought in foreign peoples to populate the army and services, and eventually they were overrun and defeated.

Should have been a lesson to the world, but you know what they say about history… it repeats itself.


I see three possible scenarios:

  1. Liberals will eventually have to institute a police state to make sure that the wacky Christians who are reproducing can’t influence public policy. Eventually the lack of people will reduce the West into something that the Muslims or Chinese can just walk in and take.

  2. There won’t be a police state because war will ensue between the West and either the Chinese or the Muslims before the Liberals have enough power to create one. If it’s a war with China, the West will be forced to use nuclear weapons to win because of China’s superior numbers. If it’s with the Muslims, it will just be another stage in the 1500+ year war that has already been going on with no side clearly winning.

  3. There will be a religious revival in America that will save America through population growth and an evangelizing spirit that reconverts the West. There will probably still be a major world war unless a prophet the likes of Cyril and Methodias arises and converts the Muslim world.

I’m not terribly optimistic about the future of the world not including another major world war and after seeing the various anti-religious, anti-free speech laws passed throughout Europe and even in America lately, I also don’t hold out much help for maintaining a republic in America for much longer.


I’ve been hearing this for a long time. I think he has valid points, but will be denounced as a ‘racist’ or ‘hatemonger.’ People will hear the word Moslem, not the words ‘Sharia Law,’ and play the ‘race card’ of ‘he hates Moslems,’ (although funny how the same people never mind hatred against Christians, but that’s a different post :smiley: ) and refuse to face the fact that it is not Moslems, but the Sharia Law, which is highly likely to be follow in the wake of Islam.

What are the good liberals going to do when it is the Moslems they defended against evil right-wing conservative Christians, who now want to take back women’s rights and stone homosexuals? :rolleyes:


I worry about the Christian population decline in France and Germany. Eventually, at least with the current trends, they will be taken over my Islam. These are countries with advanced nuclear weapons. The next battles in the 1500 year war might be extremely deadly.

I think I’m going to pray for the Muslems tonight.


There was a disgruntled house-painter who came to power only about 70 years ago that encouraged “healthy young women with proper traits” to reproduce as often as possible… with men possessing similar traits… and guess what - there was a birth-boom for nearly a decade!

The objective was to feed the machine with strong & perfect Aryan stock… oh yeah, the housepainter was Adolph Hitler.

Another tack… Look at the quality of life in the areas that were detailed in the report. “Making Babies” is about the only pleasurable thing to experience in that toilet of existance… no wonder why the birthrate is skyrocketing.


So… you’re saying that encouraging population growth makes me akin to Hitler? I’m not sure that is what you are saying but it seems to be.

Any society that wants to survive can’t have a death wish against its own. Looking at what other options there are if western civilization falls, the alternatives are far worse.


I would love to see more babies being born in the West, partiularly in the U.S.

In addition to more babies, there would be fewer children who felt they were owed the world because they are their parents’ only child, or only one of that gender with one other sibling of the opposite gender. I see too many children, day in and day out, who really believe this. And THAT is what is going to cause downfall: For lack of a better term, adult babies.


That’s a grand idea, but are there going to be jobs in the US in the coming years for those babies? Do you realize the US economy is going down the toilet? This really worries me, because any child born today will probably have to work till he or she is 70 to collect Social security…if it still exists. That child will be stuck working at low paying customer service jobs and probably two of them to make ends meet. With all the jobs going overseas and Mexico I really fear for the future of our children. I’m not just blowing smoke, my husband worked for 16 years for a major company only to be laid off. I have plenty of friends and relatives in the same boat, and they are really struggling.


I take it, then, that none of you have heard of the voulentary movement for human extinction?


It is the drop in population that contributes to the economy going south. As fewer children are born, there are fewer people to purchase things and fewer people to open new businesses. Existing businesses are run by older and older people maing it more likely that the business will fold as the person looks to retire.


It’s the declining population causing the weakened economy, not the other way around. The labor shortage is about to reach critical mass. As the population declines, the economy will continue to suffer at an ever increasing rate. Of course social security is suffering, because there are fewer people paying in to it. If the birth rates had not declined, there would be no issue with social security.

One only need look at the Roman Empire, and Europe during the plague in the 1400s, to see what may occur. It’s pretty bleak.


Yes, I have heard of them. A bunch of secular humanist nut jobs.


The population of the United States is declining? It is changing, I’ll grant you that, but we have been always a melting pot of nationalities. Even if you bring more Aryan type children into the population right now, it won’t change the picture much. The manufactering jobs are going going gone. They are going because US corps can’t compete with cheap foreign labor.

And as far as people purchasing more, look around you. People are buying more than ever. Everyone has two or more cars, cell phones, ipods, computers, etc. Stuff unheard off 50 years ago. We are a nation of gluttons and our credit cards are reflecting that. And small businesses are cropping up everywhere…but can you honestly make a living working at Starbucks?


Yes, the birth rate is in sharp decline and the population is aging. The US is in slightly better shape than most of the rest of the west due to continued immigration. But, that is not a solution.

Yes, that is correct. However, I am not talking about “white Aryan type” children. I’m talking about children period. Within one to two generations, immigrants adopt the ways of this country and stop having babies.

The manufactering jobs are going going gone. They are going because US corps can’t compete with cheap foreign labor.

It may seem that way, but economic indicators show otherwise.

Yes, people are deficit spending.



1.) How so is the US economy going down the toilet?
2.) Why do the future children have to work in low paying customer service jobs? What is stopping them from doing something esle, from reinventing themselves?
3.) My husband has been downsized from two jobs. He worked for one company 14 years. He decided to turn his passion into his work. He created his own business. Their are many breaks tax breaks for independent businessmen. It does not always take a ton of money, or buying a franchise. It takes imagination and tenacity; the good old, "if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…"
4.) Wouldn’t babies create more opportunities? Boomers did. And if there are babies today, the Boomers will be industry for them. Old folks are already big industry! Please do the homework and check it out.
5.) There are women who stay at home with their children and are willing to make that choice.
6.) 70 isn’t what it used to be. Retirement isn’t what it used to be. And I’m here to tell you my retirement is funded, and I have no need for it. I hope I work until I drop.


However many kids God blesses us with, we will do our best to raise them with Good Christian Values. Jesus once said some stuff about leavening - mix in a little bit, and it leavens the whole dough. There was also something in there about being salt for the earth. I think that Gospel message plays better than any sort of eugenics or baby-making race.


Dear OutinChgo,

  1. If you look at the news you’ll see that Chrysler, GM, Delphi, Ford to name a few big names are laying off thousands and thousands of people. My husband is one of them and he will never be able to work at the pay scale he was at. I’m sure you’ve seen all the layoffs in the news in recent years. Some of these people have had to take lower paying jobs, even having to take jobs in Walmart!

  2. If your husband turned his passion into a business I congratulate him. That would be my dream. But not everyone can run a business (my ex ran his business…right into the ground and we lost our house) My present DH is not business minded and doesn’t really have any “passions” he can convert to a business.

  3. Yes old folks are big industry now. Actually, it’s medical care and medical systems. My son works for a hearing aid company, when the boomers die off his company may have to shift to market other products to stay afloat. On the other hand maybe more younger people will be going deaf from ear pods? lol

  4. You are right, retirement isn’t what it used to be…if you’re healthy. But do you really want to see your kids working 50 or more years? Well, maybe some people enjoy their work, for others its a constant source of stress. I’m glad you’re able to work, I’m on SSDI and only 55. How is your retirement funded? Don’t understand that?


You forgot Pfizer and Comerica. :frowning:

I don’t know if you’re in Metro Detroit (you don’t have to answer) but yes, the economy really is going down the toilet here. I’m betting those who are not in the area don’t realize how bad it is. Seems like every other week another big company pulls out of Michigan and takes thousands of jobs with it. Those jobs are not being replaced, folks. There are low-paying service jobs, but 1) they don’t pay enough to support a family unless one is willing to work two or three of them, 2) they don’t usually provide insurance, and 3) most of them are in service industries which take a hit due to the ripple effect from the loss of big companies. So there are less of those jobs available as well and they are not secure. Real estate is not moving (for obvious reasons) and homes are being foreclosed all over the place. We have homes on our street that have been on the market for over a year now. Unemployment is high and charities are receiving record numbers of requests for aid. It’s also not always practical to attempt to start one’s own business. If you have nothing in the bank, how do you start it, and also, can it float in this environment?

I wish things were different. I like seeing big families, especially since we can’t have one of our own. But right or wrong, I can understand how people around here are reluctant to bring children into an uncertain situation.


I agree, we’re basically goners. I am preparing my children for this reality. They need to prepare for their probable martyrdom. Will it result in the ultimate sacrifice? I don’t know, but I am certain there will be some level of persecution either politically or socially or both. I see the persecution of Christians in Middle Eastern countries, and China and think to myself, we’re two steps away. Life is really miserable in those places; we have no idea. I’m quite sure that God will send us the grace to deal with it, however. He may even decide to save us from it if we pray hard enough.

I don’t know who you’re hanging around with but, the people I know are having six, eight, ten kids per family. These kids are growing up strong. They are shunning vices and addictions, getting educated, learning leadership qualities. God provides for them, though they are struggling money- wise. Are these the leaders of the future? Unspoiled and full of zeal? I see it more and more. Young parents seeing the light. That is what happened to us. Perhaps God is raising up a “judge”, if you will, as he did in the days of Samson. You never know quite what God has up His sleeve. Can’t wait to find out, though.

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