Save me friends soul!

Right, I got this pm’ed to me and I would appreciate it if you adressed my friends concerns about the Catholic Church

Oh and I forgot to tell you the reasons the catholic church needs to be reformed.

1.- The Bible never speaks of a pope or nuns and monks{These my friend come from PAGANISM,nuns and monks in pagan religion had the function of prostistutes,and the pope comes directly from being King or Emperor of rome it is not BIBLICAL}

2.-Praying to the saints and mary: Praying to these cant help you! It is unbiblical also they were normal human beings like us and have no “special powers or privileges” if you want is better that you ask someone to pray for you that works and is Biblical well,g2g.

Poor chap… :crying:

Have ptiy on his ignorance. He is to be lauded, as we had these massive Creationism vs Evolution Debates on the LucasArts boards(alas, they restructured, and such topics are locked :frowning: )

Anyway, I would REALLY like your help in this manner, as I fumble with words. Thanks!


His soul might not be at stake, but I would be nice if he knew the truth, and all that.



Also try


Thank you!

And what is your signiture, edward george?

It is a line in Slavonic from the Divine Liturgy of some of the Eastern Churches that means “In peace, let us pray to the Lord. Lord, have mercy.”


Have your friend read The Life of St. Anthony by St. Athanasius. The work only takes about two hours to read, but is insanely awesome. In fact, it was instrumental in the conversion of St. Augustine. If your friend can read that and still consider monks to be evil, then I would truly pity him. And for the record, monks don’t come from pagans, but from hermits, who tried to isolate themselves from the world. One other cool thing about monks is that the Benedictines read all 150 psalms every week.

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