Save the Children

Hello all,
I have been thinking of sponsoring a child with Save the Children. Does anyone have any experience with this organization, or with others like it? I thought that I would ask out of curiosity. There is the inevitable concern that it is affiliated with an organization whose views on “family planning and reproductive health” are opposed to those of the Church ( – I am looking into that and thinking about it and welcome thoughts on that, as well.
Thank you!

Food for the Poor and Christian Foundation for Children and Aging are both Catholic organizations that have children for sponsorship as well as other opportunities to aid the desperately poor.

I have sponsored 2 young girls from CFCA, for more than ten years. They have an excellent reputation; I get regular personal correspondence, updates and school progress reports. CFCA not only helps the children, but they offer programs and activities to the families and communities as well. It is well worth it!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thank you both for your wonderful suggestions!! I will be looking into these two organizations, and especially CFCA, right away. :slight_smile:

I too sponsor a child through CFCA. I find they are a wonderful organization. What is more, the CFCA does not just help children, they help adults and families as well. In fact, you can even sponsor elderly adults (that where the “Aging” in their name means). This organizations gets my unqualified endorsement. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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