Save the New Thundercats

Okay, anyone who knows me, knows I am passionate about this show. Not AS passionate as I am about my Lord and Savior but still passionate.

I have heard three weeks ago, Cartoon Network is considering Cancelling the series. I’d hate to see good writing, as cartoon shows get the boot, and then have us, and/or our kids given cheaper stuff.

If there are ANY Cats fans here who love them as much as I do, OR just fans of GOOD writing, and NOT cheap jokes, please do feel free to sign the said petition I gave the link to.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and God bless you all.

Hmmmm, the New Thundercats is a lot better than the cheap excuses on Cartoon Network as of late. o:

You’ve got that right, that junk show Annoying Orange makes me want to peel my eyeballs. And that’s just one of the shows that they SHOULD think of getting rid of, and keeping a better written show on, like the Cats.

“The Amazing World Of Gumball” is just plain misandric garbage. That show should be removed permanently as well.

How about just showing the original series and maybe doing something new rather than regurgitating what was great from yesteryear? Talk about no creativity.

I grew up with the original series (Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats!) They tried the same thing with a new He-Man series ten years ago and it was horrible (I still prefer the 80s He-Man series)

While I am sure its better than most cartoons…I’d rather watch the original series…though only the Thundercats Movie, Thundercats Ho!..

I grew up with both series in the 80’s too, and while I do love them with all my heart, the remakes of both series added a lot to the storylines, mystics and overall knowledge of the shows.

We finally get to know the other Mutants names, other than Sslithe, and we learned the origins of Skeletor, and his minions from He man.

I think the Masters of the universe’s cancelation was as much a crime as what they are trying to do with the Cats

yes i love them to, watch them with my five year old boy. the origins of skeletor now that i must see.:smiley: you can find it here

thanks for that:thumbsup:

You are most welcome!

The biggest disappointment was not seeing more of Hordak in that series.

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