saved "christians"

I don’t understand when non-catholic christians say they are saved because they have accepted Christ - and that’s pretty much it for their salvation -seems quite different from what we believe.


Hi Mickie:wave:,

Some non-Catholic Christians have a method of accepting Christ that involves a short prayer and that’s it. Usually they then say they cannot lose their salvation, no matter what. It is an entirely different idea of walking in holiness. Of course, a devout person of that type will try to follow Jesus, but they don’t view it with the same necessity or meaning as Catholics (and many Protestants) do. Also, they don’t think baptism has the same value.

I’m not sure where the practice (of saying the “sinner’s prayer”) originated, but historically, it seems recent.

By the way (BTW), they will probably move your post, it doesn’t seem to be in the right forum, but don’t worry.

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