"Saving Grace" film anti-papal?

I saw Saving Grace, starring John Conti, a few years ago, and looking back on the movie it seemed to be very anti-papal, portraying the pope as out-of-touch with the world around him. Do you have similar interpretations?

Note the name of this forum: Popular Media.

Don’t expect fair, or even accurate, treatment of the Church or anything about religion in them.

I am trying to remember if I have seen it. What was the movie about?

There’s a 1986 movie called “Saving Grace” that’s out of print (not on DVD), and I don’t recall it was a major movie when it came out, so I’m surprised anyone has even heard of it. This 1986 movie was based on a book by Celia Gittelson, though I just checked at amazon.com and there’s not even any comments - so, it looks like very few people have heard of the book, either.

There’s a more recent, unrelated movie, called “Saving Grace,” which is about smoking weed. Also a British movie. Also not a movie not too many people have heard of (though Craig Ferguson from late-night TV is in it).

Wasn’t terribly impressed with either movie, as I recall.

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