Saving Grace: One Family's Struggle With Abortion and the Catholic Church

At the home of Gail and Robert Anderson, a large statue of the Virgin Mary sits in the yard, welcoming guests into the home while protecting the family that lives there. Next to the statue of Mary, inside a labyrinth of daisies, daffodils, tulips and roses is a stone engraved with the word grace. For the Andersons’ grace is not just a word or a concept taught through their strong Catholic faith, but the name of the daughter their hopes and dreams hung onto. It is the name of the daughter they said goodbye to in the Kansas office of a man named Dr. George Tiller.

Both coming from large families with faith deeply rooted in the Catholic Church, the Andersons looked forward to starting their own family with great anticipation, eagerly awaiting pregnancy test results each month in hopes that they would discover they were to become parents. The April morning that their hopes were realized is described by Robert as being one of the best days of his life. After breakfast, they went to the local bookstore together to purchase books on pregnancy, for him and for her, and celebrated by inviting their parents to dinner, sharing their news between the gumbo and the dessert.

This made me very sad :frowning:

Grace was and is a CHILD of GOD.

May her soul and the souls of all the aborted babies be at PEACE and with GOD.

That was a bizarre depiction of Catholics.
How does murdering a child in the womb “fix” things? Or have anything to do with mercy??

I do not know the disposition of the soul of Dr. Tiller. I do not know the disposition of the souls of these parents who made this difficult and regrettable decision. I do not know the disposition of the souls of those who stood outside the abortuary as these parents entered.

I DO know that God loves all the people involved, especially Grace.

I DO know that God has spoken through His Body, the Church, that taking another’s life, even using prayer to accompanying the act is wrong.

I DO know that God has spoken in Scripture about our attempting to play god and decide/predict the “quality of life” of others and who must die to ensure that so-called quality of life:

49 But one of them, named Caiphas, being the high priest that year, said to them: You know nothing. 50 Neither do you consider that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people and that the whole nation perish not. 51 And this he spoke not of himself: but being the high priest of that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for the nation. 52 And not only for the nation, but to gather together in one the children of God that were dispersed. 53 From that day therefore they devised to put him to death. (John 11:49-53, RHE)

I DO know that no amount accusing the protesters as being “unfeeling” and claiming that Dr. Tiller or any abortionist is “compassionate” makes an intrinsic evil good.

I stand for Grace, Her parents, the soul of Dr. Tiller, and the protesters against the evil wrought upon them and our civilization by demonic forces and our pride.

I will so stand to my death and beyond, if that is God’s gracious will, for which Grace herself is named.

Some of the comments on that site make me ill. I’m not sure how to act. This isn’t just something that one can wipe under the rug and make like nothing happened, nor is it something which should be used to hang over another’s head.

I just don’t know. I am unable to associate with a murderer. I know about taking things like the quality of life into question, but what about the sanctity of life? The quality can change, even when it seems least possible. Should it not be God who determines whether it is time for a soul to return home?

They display a keepsake of the footprints of the child they murdered in their home. How disgusting.

I just simply do not understand people. God, MAKE IT STOP.

Very sad and difficult situation.:frowning:

What a hypocritcal bucket of slop! You desperately pray to God for a baby and then return it to sender because it is not your idea of a perfect little bundle of joy? It is pretty sick when the abortionists are called the compassionate ones and your friends, who try and talk you out of the biggest mistake of your life, are the bad guys.

There were no guarantees and one day, one month or one year could be added to the life of their child, but not much more than that


Do any of us have guarantees…any one of us can die today.

Poor baby Grace. Poor, poor parents, who have no clue what they have done. I’m sad and mad.

Exactly.Our lives are in His hands. Each day of our life is a gift. No guarantees.
We know a mom who delivered 2 babies-one stillborn, one died shortly after birth.Both babies had a condition diagnosed in utero. No only did this mom choose to ignore the advice to abort from the pro-abortion Ob-Gyn, she chose to continue to use him as her dr. so that she could be a witness to him.
(They later had a healthy little girl, PTL.)

Not sure why the author of this article had to keep mentioning the Catholic symbols in this couples home.
That child was murdered by her parents because she was not perfect. This is the opposite of mercy. Since when do we justify killing based on there not being a “guarantee” that the child would live a certain amount of time? At least if the child was born it would have had a chance to look its mother in the eye, even if for just a few seconds of life. It would have gotten to finally see its father’s face after so many months of only hearing his voice.
Now the couple makes digs at the Church relying on the word of men…ha! They are building their own image of God around their own self-justifications…the Church has held the same stance on life for 2,000 years.

St. Gianna Molla, pray for them.

Oh my.

This very article made me a little ill. Your child has something wrong … and you kill it?! :mad: Sorry, but that does not compute! Instead of offering life and help … oh, dear.

Our Lord’s mercy on them.

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