Saving myself for marriage.... Read on..

Dear Forum!!

I am a 16 year old guy. I used to live an impure life, A cradle Catholic, Strong Catholic parents, However unfortunatley, pornogrpahy entered my life( bringing with it all the junk you can think of). I have stopped by the grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and ever since i have been young i feel i have a calling to the Priesthood. Now, my friends being typical secular, teens get drunk, have sex and take drugs. I dont. if people want to trade their purity for an illusory one night stand with a girl (fine by me, actually its not but keep reading), then i want to give my life to someone who can better fulfill than premariatal teen sex. I want to spend my life loving HIM, serving HIM, and dying for HIM. If you havent figured out this special person heres the spoiler Its JESUS CHRIST. I am dating HIM currently, and as i enter religious life , hopefully next year, I hope to engage HIM. and when i Become a Priest, and profess final vows, i hope to be married to HIM and Holy Mother Church. Please pray for me, and tell me what you think, Feedback is greatly wanted and appreciated!!

P.s Im trading my sexual love, for an EVEN better love.

May the good Lord guide you into your vocation, sir!:thumbsup:

God bless you, and prayers for your vocation! It’s awesome that you feel that call!


May God bless you and guide you!

That is so amazing that you can stray from the typical teenage boys of our time. I am a 16 year old girl and I can say that I truly admire you for being different from the boys I have met. Especially in this day and age it is rare to find someone with such a vocational calling.

Good luck!

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