Saving myself for marriage?

Hello I am a 16 year old male, and I was wondering am I strange? I go to church but when I go I notice there are very few people my age there and that got me thinking am I a strange person. I also want to save myself until marriage, but as many of my friends say that will be hard living in the society in which sex and various other things are so common and outspoken, I was wondering if I am strange because I want to save myself until marriage, my parents always raised me too get married first then sexual things, but I am not sure my parents are quite old and were raised when people got married then had sexual relationships.

I want to save myself until marriage partly because of religion and the way I have been raised but also to make sure the person is the right person for me.
But anyway is it strange for me to believe that I should save myself until marriage? Are there any girls out there who also want to save themselves until marriage? Am I just being old fashioned and unrealistic by wanting to save myself.

Any answers would be gratefully accepted.


No, this is admirable. :slight_smile:

Yes, there are.

Im 16 and male, and in the same situation. Im sure there are others like us, and know girls who im sure feel the same way.

I’m a 21 year old guy saving myself for my spouse.

Ur virginity is a gift you present to your wife. when you give people other gifts, do you use them with other people before you give it to the person it is intended for?? No!!

I am a little older than you and am saving myself for marriage. You are not strange, there are more people than you think saving themselves for marriage

So true! It’s a gift and you are NOT weird! YOU have it right, the rest of the world is backward. It’s how God intended it to be and I think it’s wonderful that you’re mature enough to realize that. Are there girls who also want to wait? Definitely! They may be few and far between these days, but it’ll be worth it. I was a virgin on my wedding night, but my husband wasn’t. We’ve been married for 8 years and he STILL talks about how precious and wonderful it is that I saved myself for him…and ONLY him. He feels guilty and heartbroken that he couldn’t do the same for me, but it is what it is. It won’t be easy for you, most likely, but stay strong in your faith and convictions. You are making a beautiful and wonderful choice for yourself! Bravo!!

Just remember that we are called–and by Baptism we are appointed–to be counter-cultural. You may be one of the few, but you are doing it right. Is it weird or different by current standards? Yes. Did people find it weird if they found out that I was still a virgin at 25? Yep. But I wasn’t ashamed of it. When I was married, I was able to give myself completely to the one man that I will always love. It’s a beautiful thing. You’re doing great. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

I think it’s nice to see more people saving themselves. I did, and I can tell you it’s well worth waiting for the right person, at the right time. It’s makes it a much more intimate and important. I can also tell you that, in high school, pretty much everyone it came up with who hadn’t waited wished that they had.

I wish I had done so.

Sex is thrown at us all the time - you do realise that world governments have always been satanic worshipers and have always been about destroying God’s moral law?

Most of the world has been fooled into a changing of the times as stated by revelations, but the times change when God says (when Noah came, when Moses gave 10 commandments from God, when Jesus freed us from the 613 Jewish laws and allowed us to repent our breaking of the 10 commandments to God by being the bridge to God through his death, that’s why you can only speak to God if you accept Jesus because What you do in the name of Jesus connects you directly with God his and your Heavenly Father. God’s son’s coming ad death were the last changing if the times and the next will be Armageddon and the rapture, any other changing of the times is a deception of the old than many follow.

You don’t have to directly be against the grain of this old, just don’t go by the world’s standards as you are not of the world but of God.

You accept Jesus and you worship God and that draws you to want to do his will and not the “do as thy wilst” or “do what you think is good” will of lucifer that most of the world follows, but you do that which God, through Jesus and scripture, has shown you is good.

I am now not married legally/lawfully by the world standards but we have both enter into the blessing of marriage contract with The Lord God and consider ourselves married, and for that I do my best not to feel lust when I see other women as even hat may be considered adulterous if it becomes a conscious action, and so I ask God’s forgiveness if my humanity pulls me into such things.

Keep holing on to your belief and not be pushed by what the deceived may use to ridicule, for you are a man of God not of the Earth. You are strong willed and that is an important trait in these trying times.

Both Hubby and I did. He was 24 when we married, and I was 21.
I am so glad we did!!
I understand there’s a real stigma though for males saving themselves, vs. females.

I tell a group of women that I was a virgin until I married, and I get: “Wow! Good job!”

A guy says that to a group of his friends, and he gets mocked. :frowning: So stay strong! Lots of guys have done it and you can too!

~ PetiteFoi

Your saving yourself - for your wife.

For that is when you give yourself --all other forms of sexual activity – are use not gift -acts contrary to love and truth.

It’s not strange at all. It is a very sane and reasonable choice – in fact, it is the most sane and reasonable choice. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

No, my good sir, it is not strange. You are an admirable young man for worshiping the Lord even though your peers may not. God loves you for this. Saving yourself for marriage is a very good thing. It confines sex to a naturally loving framework. Once you are married, a perfect environment is made to fully and sexually express yourself to your spouse, and in some cases this powerful expression of love will result in a third. It is amazing how this incredibly powerful loving act is the only act of love, which can bring new life into the world. To save yourself for marriage is to save your gift of life.

This site 11 awesome benefits of saving yourselves till marriage and why should you wait.

There is community ( forums) created for those who want to wait…

It may not be what our culture likes to say is normal, but it is good, and it is not all that uncommon, as you’ve seen from the comments. 26 and successful at it here.

It’s not unrealistic. Some might call it old fashioned, but those same people tend to call old fashioned things that they actually like “retro” as a good thing, so I wouldn’t worry overly much about that.

But anyway is it strange for me to believe that I should save myself until marriage?

Nope! Not at all!

Are there any girls out there who also want to save themselves until marriage?

Yes! I am one of them.

This site 11 awesome benefits of saving yourselves till marriage and why should you wait.…ntil-marriage/

There is community ( forums) created for those who want to wait…

I highly recommend that website!

It’s not a specifically religious site, but we’ve got members who are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, and so on, so there’s always good discussion about religion and waiting till marriage. So I recommend you take a look around, read some articles, browse the forums.

Oh, and I’m one of the site admins! So if you do decide to join the forums, then feel free to send me a message any time!


When I was a 16-year-old male (now I’m past the age where they card for alcohol but still male), I was very much in the same position as you. Sometimes I went to Mass completely by myself because my parents were out of town and my brothers thought they got the weekend off. I struggled with the same problems involving chastity and had my share of failures. However, when I married many years later, I could honestly say that my wife was my first.

The only thing I can say is to persevere. There is great reward for those who do.

Hey, I’m a 16 year old girl! And, YES, I am just like you, and I also want to save myself for marriage, because -
I feel I might hurt my Jesus if I start dating, because I don’t think it’s right; My parents won’t be very pleased, because they’ve always told me that it’s better to have a boyfriend for life, rather then several temporary boyfriends; I want to avoid the whole ‘breaking-up’ because I know it causes pain and sadness (especially because I really give my heart to people, and I don’t want to give my heart completely to a guy unless I know that he’ll protect it and not break it).
Maybe some people might find it strange, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re doing the right thing. In fact, till now, I felt the same way. I thought that I was probably the only 16 year old with such feelings. I’m glad to know I’m not alone! =)
No, I don’t think it’s old fashioned at all. Old-fashioned would probably be if you completely isolated yourself from girls just because you want to avoid dating. I mean, there’s no harm in talking to people of the opposite gender! But with limits of course. In fact, although I’ve never really dated any guy, my guy friends sometimes talk to me about their own relationships and their feelings for other girls! And I give them whatever advice I can.
So don’t worry at all. Don’t get tempted by the World, but keep yourself pure and holy for Marriage. And I will too!

God bless you!
Love and Prayers,

great posts, Blackspur7 and nikky15.

i’m a teen also and get a lot of hassle from other boys who call me gay even though i’m not because i haven’t got a girlfriend and don’t want one - at least until i’m older i definitely don’t want to put my body in danger because of dating and what that might lead to.

After one girl broke my heart, I decided on a no girlfriend policy until I finished my education…but I didnt consider I would study at university for 5 years!

I realise now that I was wrong. You should always be open to the call to love a womam from God - it’s a beautiful thing :slight_smile: Learn to control ur body, not to reject God’s call :slight_smile:

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