"saving souls" by what mechanism?


In Catholicism we speak of praying to “save souls”. “Say many rosaries to save souls”.

I ask by what mechanism are they saved? Is it simply unearned merit attributed to the soul that was prayed for? In other words, if I spend my life praying for an indivual I believe is living a life conrary to Gods will, and my prayers are well received by God, might God elect to pardon this individual soul at the time of death?

If this is correct, I wonder about the similiar person who happens to have nobody to pray for them. Isn’t there an element of lack of fairness, or luck of circumstance involved?

I must not be thinking about this correctly.


Would it be praying that God would give them grace so they might turn to God, repent and be saved not that they would just be saved? i dunno:shrug:


We cannot save anyone else’s soul. Nor can we convert anyone. That is all up to God.

God “pardoned” us through His death on the Cross. Whether we accept or not is our free will. At the judgment, we actually will see our sins, and the state of our own soul, and judge ourselves. Jesus will confirm that judgment for our eternity.

In this life, our prayers are “in time” as opposed to the departed soul who is now “outside of time”. To God, there is no past or future. Everything is present.

So continue to prayer to the present, and let God be God. His mercy and love will be both just and sufficient.



I see intercessory prayer, particularly for the salvation of souls, as operating in different ways.

First, since the Lord desires “that all men be saved,” we join our prayers in charity to the will of God – so that is a good thing for ourselves.

Second, the Lord has counsels us in the parable of the unjust judge that persistent prayer is effective. Even if his perfect justice would be condemned, our prayer is united with his mercy for their salvation.

By what means are souls saved? By the Blood of Jesus Christ. Our prayers, united to his Blood, are in Jesus Christ.


I don’t think there is anyone who has no one to pray for them. After all, the clergy is required to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, and there are always the Saints to pray for them.


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