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The working document for Synod-2018 reads like a draft of a Synod Final Report, which is a prescription for a failed Synod. Continue Reading »

The document preaches “Church that listens” but talks for 30000+ words.


Wonderful article. Thanks for posting it.


Good article. Not looking forward to this synod. It shows all the signs of being a vehicle to further undermine Church teaching that isn’t popular with the secular world.


To be fair, if I remember my medieval history correctly, Pope Innocent III essentially had the Fourth Lateran Council’s decrees drafted and ready to go when the bishops showed up…
This sort of thing is nothing new.


Weigel’s problem is not that a working draft has been prepared, it’s the contents of it.


Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia has posted a criticism of the working document:


That sounds like Innocent III. I am no expert on the Papacy in that era, but he is well known for getting his way and using Papal authority as much as possible.


He may get his way, but what’s the point? Why not just publish the document as an encyclical and skip the meeting?


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