Saviours day

Hi…I was just reading around on facebook, and noticed some of my muslim acquaintances were celebrating ‘Saviours Day’, talking about how they’ve had the ‘honor’ to meet Farrakhan.

Any how…

I went to go look up the holiday to see what it represents, and found this:’_Day

and my question came when I got to this part-

‘All of these different versions of Saviours’ Day are hybrids of the Official Nation of Islam observance of Saviour’s Day, which is always on February 26th and celebrates the birthday of Master Fard Muhammad** whom members of the Nation Of Islam believe is Allah in Person**.’

Is that right?? We don’t think that the POPE is God ‘in person’, so, do they really think this guy is God in the flesh?? aaaand…this guy is dead? soooo…does that mean that God is dead? How do they make sense out of that? Did he perform any miracles…er…what would lead them to believe that? Do they celebrate this holiday in all of Islam, or just ‘NOI’?

Is it fair to say that NOI is to Islam what protestants are to us?

I think NOI is to Islam is more like what Rastafarianism is to us. Rastafarians believe in Jesus, but they believe that Halley Sellasie (spelling?) is his reincarnation. They are also both very ethno-centric.

Pretty much. Also Islam does not regard them as Muslims.

Yeah but didn’t the president of…I think it was Iran…just meet with Farrakhan awhile back? I’m sure they would take em’ on the team if this whole muslim apocolypse thing takes off…

Not trying to sound alarmist or disrespect or anything…and its a little off subject. I just thought maybe it was blasphemy, or should be.

I mean, they can’t have a PICTURE of Mohammed, that danish cartoon guy got whacked over it, yet, there are plenty of muslims over here saying that this guy IS GOD, and CELEBRATING him with a holiday…

How is that not backwards? :confused:

Any Muslim who says that Farrakhan is God is pretty much becoming an apostate from Islam.

Did Farrakhan actually claim to be God though? Or did his followers just label him as such?

NOI is not recognized as real Islam by Muslims in the same way that we do not regard Rastafarians as Christians. Real Muslims do not believe that God can take on form (hence the reason they reject the incarnation as blasphemous).

I find this interesting. Because there are pictures of Mohammeds grandson and other such drawings of Martyrs where ever I go in Iraq. It was kind of funny, because the first time some of my fellow soldiers saw his picture, they were like “Is that Jesus?!” I did not know they were not allowed pictures of their prophet. Peace :slight_smile:

Wallace Fard Muhammad founded NOI.

His student and follower Elijah Muhammad, said that he (Master Fard Muhammad) was Allah.

Louis Farrakhan is the student and follower of Elijah Muhammad.

Louis Farrakhan says the he (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) is the Christ, also known as The Messiah.

As you can see NOI is not Islamic in anyway really. The movement is a response to racism in America. Don’t get me wrong, Louis Farrakhan is a very influential man. He’s a smart man. It’s unfortunate.

I’ve also seen Islamic images of Jesus and Mary, who are also prophets.

So pretty! :smiley:

are you sure the pics you provided are not Hagar and Ishmael? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding. But a I have no doubt you would see pictures of Jesus and Mary, in Arabian Christian homes. Peace :slight_smile:

Hahaha! :smiley:

I think these ones actually are Islamic images though, not Christian ones. I say that because of the flames around their heads. I believe that is the Muslim style of halo? However, their faces are not covered, which is also conventional, so I might be wrong? Confusing indeed!

I dont know ClamDigger. The Muslims do Hold Jesus and Mary in high esteem, even if they dont agree with us as to who they are. I dont think your wrong. I can ask some of the Muslims I know about this. Peace :slight_smile:

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