Savita Halappanavar Breaking News- Who stands to gain from Tragedy?

The death of Savita Halappanavar is a tragedy that became a catastrophe for her family – that much is crystal clear and pretty much everyone can agree on it. But then things get murkier and murkier. There are agendas at work and the hint of something rather nasty at large.

Mrs Halappanavar died of an antibiotic-resistant infection, specifically e.coli ESBL. She did not die from an abortion, from being denied an abortion, from Catholic teaching or from a confused legal system in Ireland.

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Don’t ever expect that information to be made common. For years (decades?) pro infanticide advocates will repeat this story as evidence of one documented case where the mother’s life was in peril and the backwards pro-life advocates denied her the treatment that could have saved her life. The fact it isn’t true will never be allowed to be made part of the conversation.

Exactly. Obviously none of us is privy to her medical records but her death is being exploited by the pro-choice side on flimsy evidence. It is a tragedy for all involved. I don’t judge her even for her wanting an abortion - first of all, that’s God’s place to judge a soul (on issues and behaviors I may sometimes make an informed judgment based on Church teaching, just to be clear); secondly, she came from a culture that may view the abortion issue differently than the Christian perspective and therefore her guilt would be diminished, and also she was in a sudden situation of great fear and stress, another mitigating factor. I pray for her soul.

But this is a tragedy for the loss of the woman, her child, and for her husband’s grief, and the real cause is a health threat to more than one person if this bacteria gets spread around. When I first read an account of all the events, my immediate question was “Why didn’t they treat her for the infection under the principle of double effect?!!!” And though I’m no doctor, who knows, maybe if there had been an antibiotic that was able to work, it might’ve saved both mother and child.


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