Savonarola and the rosary


I wonder if anyone can help me with something that’s been puzzling me. I am studying the Italian Renaissance at college and I’m really interested in the rosary. I know that Savonarola had a set of rosary beads of his own, but surely he must have disapproved of the use of rosary beads? Especially as they were often quite beautiful and made of expensive materials.

Does anyone know if Savonarola actually advocated using the rosary?

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I found this article but there is no mention of a particularly ornate or valuable Rosary.

I searched but found nothing.


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I do not think he was against the Rosary, he was a protestor but not a doctrinaire protestant. That came much latter.


Yes, you can still see Savonarola’s rosary in his room at St Mark’s Priory in Florence. I suspect the beads were wooden.
The Rosary is traditionally attributed to St Dominic, and Dominicans of Savonarola’s time (he himself was of that Order) were particularly dedicated to the Rosary.
This is not surprising, as the Rosary is entirely Scriptural in both content and intent. It consists of saying the Lord’s Prayer and praying for the saintly intercession of Our Lady, while contemplating the life of Christ.

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