Savory Sport or Snack Bars Recipe Ideas


Thought maybe others might relate to this. I’m trying to eat healthier and often on the go. I’d like to make some high-protein things I can take with me in the car or my purse. Most sports bars that I do get to keep on hand, in case I’m out and hungry and don’t want to succumb to the fast food temptation, are sweet. I was thinking it’d be cool to have some that were of a more savory nature so I googled that and (as usual) discovered I wasn’t the first to come up with the idea! :wink:

Here’s one link I found:

and there are plenty more. I am going to look at a handful of ways that people have put together some kind of what I’m thinking of. I’m not one for really exotic flavors, but something like cheese flavor or potato or something would even work.

Thought it might be fun to see if others would like to try recipes and see what we come up with. Moms might find these good snacks for their kids.


Thanks for the inspiration to promote a savory sports bar. I’m pleased that the recipe cited does not have flax seed/oil as this is a goitrogen–along with soy and raw carrots–that blocks iodine uptake to the thyroid. I hope to cobble up a bar that isn’t baked at such a high heat so it will keep more active enzymes. I would also like to include rice bran and oat bran as they are yummy and have tremendous nutrients. Who is the patron saint of cooking? Anyway, I can barely boil water but hope I can, with Heaven’s help, get a nice nutritional snack going. I looked for a non-soy bar at the health food store and it was all soy, soy, soy. I’m ready to try to do it myself.


why cannot someone make a broccoli antioxidant protein bar that tastes like Doritos?


Seriously? :eek: Oh no! I have hypothyroidism and so does a friend of mine to whom I must pass this info along. Those were some of the healthiest foods I was eating(I thought). :mad: I am a picky eater so it has always been challenging and frustrating to find healthy stuff and diet stuff. Flaxseed is such a good source of Omega-3 which I need, and I hate fish oil (blech).

Well, be that as it may, I’ll have to research it - I’m tickled that others are getting into this and look forward to seeing the recipes we come up with.

Puzzleannie, get to work on that and you could be the next multibillionaire! :wink:


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