Saw a GREAT thing at Mass this morning

My head is usually bowed and my eyes closed after I receive Communion until I realize Father is back at the altar. But this morning for some reason I opened my eyes when there were about 5 people left to receive Our Lord in line. The very last person was a young girl maybe 10 or so. When she got to Father to receive Communion she went down on both knees at Father’s feet. I thought to myself THANK YOU LORD we still have young people who KNOW who You are. She doesn’t live here but her Mom was raised around here and went to the same high school that I did. I know her Grandmother very well. After Mass I happened to be near the young girl’s Mom and I whispered in her ear “You may have a future religious vocation with that one” and I said “encourage it if she does because we need them”. Her Mom said well she might but she pointed to her son who was also around 11-12 if any of them will have a religious vocation it will probably be him. I said again we NEED them all. THANK YOU JESUS. it put a smile on my face and a very wonderful feeling in my heart.


To see someone that age receive the Eucharist with such respect is a blessing. I remember when I was a kid we all use to go up to the railing and kneel, but they stopped that years ago.and I miss it . My children who are nine and eleven, one chooses to kneel when she gets up to the priest the other one not.We do need vocations… I pray the generation that is coming up will fulfill the gap…I along with you will pray for vocations,for those who are out there now contemplating becoming a Religious, for the ones who are still in school wanting to become a Sister or a Priest, that if it be God’s will they will follow His calling. Thank you for the story, it helped me realize how important the younger generation is to the Church and what we as parents are obliged by God to do. God Bless you…:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:.


It is very common where I live to see people of all ages receive Our Lord on their knees.


Cool story. I’m thinking of doing that at Mass. As for religious vocations; yes we need more of them!


Thank you for this lovely story. Children with strong faith are honestly so, so beautiful, and also inspiring!
I am not as young as the girl in the story (I am a teenager) but I recently started kneeling for communion after being inspired by a 9 year old girl in our parish, who has incredible reverence.
Your story could not have come at a better time! Just recently, I have been struggling to find the courage to kneel, even though in my heart I know it is the way I should (and want to!) receive Our Lord. I just worry too much about what other people think of me. I worry that people think I am being over the top, old fashioned, or that I think I’m better than everyone else there. Its honestly not like that. I kneel because I know I am unworthy, and because I want to show respect.
Your story (and the unknown little girl) have motivated me to continue! Thank you again :slight_smile:


Hmm…thinking about this.


Receiving on your knees is certainly a pious practice, but please don’t implicitly suggest, as you have here, that those who receive standing don’t have “orthodox beliefs.” One has nothing whatsoever to do with the other.


you make a good point


The ONLY one that matters is Our Lord. What the other people think is of NO importance. You are doing it for Him and He loves that you do that to show Him reverence and love in return.


In the Catholic Church – Communion can be receive in various ways – kneeling/standing/in the hand/on the tongue. It does not make a person less reverent – if they choose to receive in the hand and/or standing.


Great story. It is good to see some of the younger members of the Church going against the grain these days and receiving the Lord with reverence.


I would NOT hesitate in a minute to go down on both knees like she did but they would have to get a tow truck to get me back up, 2 bad knees, bad back, bad wrists. The work I did for over 27 years took its toll on me. When I genuflect on one knee I HAVE to use the pew to help myself back up. God knows my heart though. That’s what matters.


God Bless your heart, that’s all that counts.:heart:


It isn’t in Pittsburgh.

I guess since its common where you’re at, that’s fine. But I think in other areas (like here)where it isn’t common at all, some people might think you are trying to “show them up” if they are receiving in the traditional standing posture.

If they brought the altar rails back I could DEFINITELY do it. Even if it was only a smaller altar rail to the sides and those who wanted to kneel could kneel.


That’s wonderful. I kneel from time to time, I’ve gotten some weird looks from the other parishioners but my priest is very welcoming of it and has encouraged kneeling and receiving on the tongue to many others before.


I don’t know if that’s good, making your friends and neighbors uncomfortable.

Suppose someone else at your church, just didn’t kneel- but approached the altar down the center aisle of the church on their knees? They tell me- I’ve never seen it- that that kind of display of piety is sometimes seen in other countries.

I have the same problem for different reasons. Wish I could kneel, but I’d be disrupting the line for other people if I did.

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Context matters. I’m sure there are places where that would be fully acceptable and places where it would be disruptive.

I wonder why they got rid of the altar rails. I’ve seen Lutheran churches with them.

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