Saw the Golden Compass

i just watched the Golden Compass. no wonder the catholic league is so angry about this movie, and call this movie anti-catholic.:mad:
Magisterium is a technical ecclesiastical term in Roman Catholic Church referring to the teaching authority of the church…

i personally don’t understand why the producer of this film used the term or involved the Magisterium. that’s no point they involved the Magisterium. Magisterium from the Latin word magister. if i not mistaken some of the magisterium soldier in that movie speak latin. although i don’t know latin…

this anticatholic sentiment will drag for some year because Golden Compass is a trilogy movie… what to do my brother & sister…Mel Gibson where are you??? please produce another positive movie involved with the church or christ… gratias mel gibson.:thumbsup:

pray hard and bring back the tradition… let the tridentine holy spirit guide us all…

Why did you support the movie by attending?

What is your response to a Catholic who would say “it’s just a fiction”?

My response is “so is pornography.”

To answer the OP, “i personally don’t understand why the producer of this film used the term or involved the Magisterium. that’s no point they involved the Magisterium. Magisterium from the Latin word magister. if i not mistaken some of the magisterium soldier in that movie speak latin. although i don’t know latin…”

They did this because this is what is in the books! Pullman’s intent is indeed evil. We do need to be praying because there are many parents who will be lured into taking their children to see this movie and then purchasing the books for them to read - the book is far worse than the movie as I understand it (I have read the book and it is awful, I have not seen the movie nor will I see it so I can not actually do a comparison).

Now I have a question for the the OP, jedi what is “the tridentine holy spirit” ?

Brenda V.


Pornography is just fiction too, right? Just like movies that tear down the Lord and seek to pull people away from Him?

What’s the big deal then?

The human imagination is one of the most powerful things there is.

On the other hand, the fact that it is fiction does allow one to say “the Church/God being described in these books don’t have anything to do with what I believe in, and so these books do not actually attack my belief.” In other words, the conflict is more indirect than if Pullman had, say, written a book on the history of the Catholic Church.


I would say :yes it is.

Not all pornography is fiction. Also, the “logic” of the argument:

this movie is fiction
pornography is fiction
pornography is "bad"
this movie is “bad”

is flawed. Narnia is just fiction too, right? Was it “bad”?

The fact of the matter is that the author intended to demonize authority, organized religion, Christianity, and the Catholic Church in general. Regardless of whether or not the work is fiction, his intentions are quite evil.

That would make sense if I was attacking it for being fiction. I am agreeing with you, in fact. People who defend it “as fiction” are doing this:

this movie is fiction
Narnia is fiction
Narnia is good
this movie is good

to an extent.

You are missing my point. What you just said was what the TC was doing.

Saying “it is only fiction” is a useless defense, because so is a lot of trash that is dangerous.

How does being fiction make something safe or okay? As evidenced by porn, it does not. You have to take it further if you want to craft a defense.

What we are forgetting, is that we live in a world of free enterprise. This guy is loving the negative attention he is getting…it’s what he wants. I think that if we all had a rally to pray for him, that might get his goat, more.:wink:

In all seriousness, there are countless movies, shows, etc…that tug at our morality strings, daily…why is this movie any different? Just don’t see it. I’m not worried that someone who watches this movie will convert from Catholicism to something else. Not in the least. If that is all it would take, then the person was never grounded in the faith, to begin with. So, just don’t see it. That’s what makes the world go 'round…there will always be movies like this out there–you just need to not go see them, is all it really takes. Are we upset that there are movies like this out there?

The RCC is the only faith that takes the highest moral ground on all issues. It always takes ‘the high road.’ That’s why so many people despise it–because it never gives in to subjective morality.

This movie sounds like a big fat bore, to me. YAWN:sleep: :yawn: :coffeeread: Someone, get me a cup of mystic monk coffee to wake me up! lol (I am surprised however, that Nicole Kidman, a supposedly devout Catholic would star in something like this.):shrug:

You and I are thinking along the same lines. Pullman is trying to sell books and movie tickets, nothing sells like controversy. He has been sowing the seeds for a long time, the press interviews about “killing god” - Beatles press 101 and all that.

A lot worse than Harry Potter and the Golden compass combined. Puting aside the undertones of pediophilia and bestialiy the movie ends with the children hacking people to death wth broadswords and or shooing them full of arrows. AND THEN the “Christ Figure” in the movie rips the white queen t death with his jaws.

The problem is, this is aimed at children.

The same reason people don’t yawn at child pornography like they do at regular pornography. Both are reprehensible, but I doubt anyone here would defend the former now, would they?

You want attack God; go ahead. Just don’t use cute animals to lure kids in. That’s what John Wayne Gacy and other pedophiles did, and they don’t get any slack from people.

And I never did take Kidman seriously with all the “devout Catholic” stuff.

There is something to recommend this point. Pullman, Dan Brown, Richard Dawkins, et cetera, don’t actually attack Christianity. They attack a huge strawman labeled Christianity which bears little resemblance to Christianity itself.

– Mark L. Chance.

Yeah, I mean…sure, I analyze it to an extent. I have kids, who actually wanted to see it. I said, no…we’re not spending our money on moves that degrade our faith. They really got that message. Didn’t take a lot of convincing, it actually made them angry that there is a movie out there like that! But, that being said…I suppose people could form a picket line outside of their local theatre in protest…but again, why? It’s a free world. We had a right to see Passion of the Christ…and others have a right to see this silly movie. I look at things perhaps differently…I don’t get all wound up when the next nay sayer gets on his/her soapbox to bash the Church. JUST DON’T SEE THE MOVIE. DON’T GIVE YOUR MONEY TO SOMETHING SO STUPID.

That usually is the better road to take.:wink:

True…but Pullman isn’t my kids’ parent. I am. Just like there shouldn’t be advertisements that show sexual pics, aimed at luring kids to buy their products either. The list could be endless. It isn’t Pullman’s or anyone else’s responsibility to steer my kids the right way. It’s mine. Parents that allow their kids to watch this…that is their business. But, threads like this, definitely help people to learn about films like this, that I agree with you, appear innocuous.

Why are there people protesting the 24/7 adult toy and video store near my neighborhood? They could just avoid shopping there.

I myself never said anything about protesting; many of us are simply defending those who oppose the movie, and with good reason.

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