Say a prayer for my sis

My sister Sarah has been suffering from swollen tonsils on and off for quite some time, and the problem seems to have come to a head at the worst possible time.

She is all by herself in Raleigh, NC, and my husband and I are the nearest relatives about 6 hrs away. She is a straight A student on full scholarship, but if she ends up needing surgery right away, she would have to drop this semester’s classes (or beg for mercy from the profs) and it could jeopardize part of her scholarship.:eek:

Please pray the swelling goes down and she is able to delay the surgery until Christmas break so she can be at home with my parents with someone to look after her while she recovers, and so she doesn’t have to deal with missing several weeks of classes.

If she does need surgery now, I want to go down there for a little while… but I was just away for almost two weeks caring for my grandmother, and my husband of 4.5 months has expressed his strong disapproval of another such trip :frowning:

Prayers humbly appreciated by a very concerned big sister :slight_smile:

We’re just on our way to a Communion Service, and we’ll be praying for Sarah in front of the Tabernacle. She is very fortunate to have such a caring big sister!

I’m praying for your sister. Is she able to go to class now? Maybe she can approach her prof. and let them know what is going on, just so they see how important it is to her and can put a face and name together if she ends up having to email them if things get worse (many prof will go out of their way to help good students that show they care), though you will have many prayers and God willing she will make it thru with flying colors.

Praying! :gopray:

I’ll say a prayer for her. :gopray2:

many said prayers

I told her to talk to the profs, and she said she already did. I have a feeling the scholarship administrators would help her out in dealing with the teachers if she wanted to claw her way through the rest of the semester, but she’s in the running for valedictorian (not easy for an engineering double major) and may not want to risk getting a B.

Her best option if the surgery is necessary is convincing the profs to allow her to take an incomplete, and finish her work over Christmas break. The problem is that some profs may think it is appropriate for her to utilize the university’s policy that students are able to drop with no penalty (and no refund) in cases of hardship like death in the family, a medical problem, or some kind of psychological condition.

Really, though, the important part is the she gets the proper treatment to be healthy.


In my prayers

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