Say a prayer for my sister the super hero

My little sister will become my hero on Monday. She is 18 and got pregnant last winter by a boy she had no relationship with really. She was affraid, but chose life and told us about it right away. She will be giving her baby up for addoption to a nice Catholic family. She will be induced on monday and needs lots of prayers. It will be hard for her, but pray that God will give her the grace. The couple that is taking her child are very faithful to the Church and they love my sister. it’s an open addoption, so they’ve had a chance to get to know eachother over the past several months.

pleas pray for my sister and he little son. I know she’s affraid.

My prayers for your sister and all concerned. What a wonderful and courageous thing she’s doing. May God bless and reward her richly for the gift she’s giving.

Everyone will be in my prayers. You are right, this is very courageous and I’m so glad she will have the chance to get updates and perhaps see pictures of her baby.

God Bless,

I will be praying for your sister and the baby. What a wonderful gift. She is my super hero too.


Praise God! I know from the receiving end what a monumental blessing your sister is giving that family. I thank God for my daughter’s birthmom, and all birthmothers. They are strong and courageous, and give a gift beyond measure. Let her know she has a LOT of prayers behind her! God will truly bless her for her unselfishness and love.

Bravissima and prayers for Sue’s sister!

Add my prayers and admiration to the list. What a wonderful gift she is giving both her son and his future parents. Such a completely unselfish thing to do. God bless all of you.

It certainly takes great courage in this culture to not take the easy way out. Your sister possesses the foresight and wisdom to know that this child will be a blessing to the whole world and not just his adoptive parents. I pray for a safe and healthy birth and I congratulate your sister and the new family.

Wow, she’s my hero too. Prayers going out to all involved. How she must love that baby!

Praying for all concerned.:slight_smile:

Tell her that she must surely be close to the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary, who also, in a way, gave up Her Child because it was the right thing to do. The Queen of Heaven is holding her up before the Face of the Holy One.

Ironic that you said that. Her name is Mary.

thanks for all your beautiful words. We are all praying hard here too. I will share all your beautiful words with her and the addoptive parents this evening when I see them. They are comming to town tonight to be with her and to pray with her before she goes to the hospital.

I prayed for your brave sister Mary at Mass today, and will be praying very much for her tomorrow and in the near future as well! She sounds very blessed to be able to handle the situation the way she did/is and to have found such a holy family to raise her child.

Sue, do you have an update for us yet? Was the baby born yesterday? Still on the way? I’m thinking and praying very much for Mary and all involved!

…any news, Sue?
Praying for all involved.:gopray:

hey everyone,
sorry I didn’t get back sooner. been really busy.

my sister had the baby at 12:29 on 9/19. she is doing okay and the baby is fine too. he is home with his new family. Mary signed the papers on wednsday afternoon and it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. she cried, my mom cried, and the new parents cried and were hugging all over her. they really care about her.

Mary is home now and the healing process, both physical and emotional has begun. she’s going to regular counciling for the next month or so, so I think God wil take good care of her. let’s hope she comes back to the church now.

thanks so much for all your prayers. I’m sure they helped a lot. she’s really doing a lot better than I expected and I know it’s God’s grace boing poured down upon her.

smiles and hugs,

Prayers for all

We will continue to keep Mary in our prayers and expand the intention to include her return to the Church!

I will continue to pray for all of them.

Amen! Let her know we are still praying. I know the joy she has brought to that family. I pray that God will bring her peace.

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