Say I wanted to buy a priest a Biretta

How could one go about doing it? Can a layman buy clerical garb for a priest (from a reputable catholic vestment place)? Where do priests get their vestments from anyway?


You would need to know the priest’s hat size. Birettas typically run in the $85-$130 range. Religious supply houses accept anyone’s credit card (money is money), so you could easily purchase one. However, before doing so, I would make sure not only that I knew the priest’s size, but also that he really and truly would appreciate the gift and wear it, at least occasionally.


Should be

Luzar Vestments also sells Birettas (

I agree, I was going to buy a Biretta for a soon to be priest but he did not seem too excited about it. I then realized that the present was for my own wishes and not for his. He was such a sweet and polite man that still showed appreciation to my effort, but I decided to give him a dowry for his ordination. When we give presents we must remember they are for the other person and not for us to enjoy them.

BTW I am still thinking about giving him a Biretta.:smiley:

Re: Say I wanted to buy a priest a Biretta…

A priest with a handgun could certainly keep all those modernists in line. :thumbsup:

Oh…wait…you said Biretta, not Beretta…

Never mind… :blush:

If you lived in Dublin I could give you a biretta. We have lots of them in the Sarcristy at my Church.

Darn, you beat me to it.

9mm or 45?

Would your priest even wear one??

I’m not sure if you’re serious or not - are you allowed to give them away? Would the pastor be alright with that?


I don’t know - he said he was learning the TLM.


A priest wearing a traditional cassock with a biretta would presumably have ample room to conceal a Beretta. This is not generally recommended.

If this is a serious question, Catholic Supply in St. Louis has a nice web-site.

The Parish is connected to a Rest Home for Oblate Fathers and when they die they their vestments and cassocks, birrettas are cleaned and stored in our Sarcristy.

Well that just about tops all…:smiley:
Pax Christi,

You could also go to E-Bay and buy the pattern for a biretta if you know how to sew/crochet it??

Hey NCJohn,
I thought Beretta at first too and thought it had been mispelled. However I wasn’t thinking handgun I was thinking shotgun. I am a duck hunter. (also you could keep more modernists in line with less effort using #6 or smaller shot and a cylinder bore choke).

Seriously, Thanks to all who reminded me what a Biretta is. I hope my attempt at humor did not offend anyone.

Peace in The Risen Lord,


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