Say It Loud: #NeverWoke and Proud!


Kind of a silly article tbh. Be “woke” within reason, be empathetic, be loving, be all of that within Catholic teaching.

There’s nothing wrong with “never trump”. People who are quick to use “virtue signalling” as an excuse for people who have a different view often reek of insecurity/defensiveness.


I think “virtue signaling“ is a question-begging concept to begin with. OK, so how are you supposed to act if you’re trying to exemplify a Virtue for virtue’s sake? Pretend you’re not doing it? Not talk about it? Generally go around Hiding under a paper bag?

It also seems to imply the people who don’t support a position that’s described as “virtue signaling,” and are silent, are presumed to be (more) virtuous simply because they are silent. As in someone who doesn’t speak up about the rights of minorities or racism, is more virtuous simply because they didn’t talk about this (or anything else related)? That can’t be right!

I know this may be incorrect, but I don’t really see a great definition from the people who use this phrase that explains precisely what they mean. If the issue is that people Are showing off because they are vain about their virtue, surely there are worse sins/bigger problems around?

By the way, isn’t calling out things as “virtue signaling” Itself a kind of virtue signaling? Again the concept seems internally incoherent.


They usually believe that the other person doesn’t truly care about an issue but are pretending to, to look better. This obviously exists in both right and left circles, but to use that term, you’re basically assuming the character of the person which you don’t know in most cases. So it’s extremely judgemental.

Good point. Never really thought about this part. I have seen people who genuinely think they are less racist than the other because they simply “never bring it up” compared to the other who constantly talks about it.

What I don’t like about this article and some conservatives’ view about this is that they don’t really encourage humility and reflection about one’s own behaviour. It’s the whole “never ever apologise to the left” mentality. Well, if you really did say or do something wrong and sinful, you should!



The people who throw that out are the same ones who will accuse others of racism or “reverse racism” for speaking about racism. It’s why I’ve become as put off by the right under trump as I used to be by Democrats under Obama.

They are claiming to read motives (“You are simply virtue-signalling rather than caring about this issue but don’t you dare claim to read my motives when I insinuate entire groups of people are inherently/by-nature less than others in capacities humans universally value, like intelligence and morality, i.e. in the stuff that distinguishes people from animals”)

It’s the most hypocritical thing I’ve seen, doing the thing you’re claiming to be fighting. And yes, one is entirely entitled to read something less than good in that belief (like the dehumanization of others) when held to firmly and defended like it’s an article of faith. Having problems with that is neither “virtue-signaling” nor “reverse-racism.” Absurd claims. It’s being a decent person.


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