Say one for me; help through a difficult time

I know…a prayer warrior asking for a prayer. I am needing some to help me through a difficult time.

I’ll pray for you Katie. :gopray2:

May God bless you with the strength and perseverance you need to come through this time.

Being a prayer warrior does not exempt you from the need for prayers, trust me I know. That is why I became a warrior, I have asked for my fair share (still do) and now it is time to return the favor.

So consider the favor returned. I will remember you in my holy hour today.

I am praying for you Katie.

Prayers for you!!

I’ll chime in on prayers for you.

:crossrc: Praying!

Prayers for Katie. Prayer warriors need them most. Always placing others before themselves. We are with you in spirit and pray for your peace and comfort during these trying times. Amen.

:crossrc:Prayers, Katie!:crossrc:

Y’all are so kind. Here…:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Pass 'em around

Praying, hon.

Kathy–I’m sorry that you’re going through a tough time…may God’s grace and comfort embrace you daily…now, and always. I pray that He will strengthen you during this trying time…whatever it may be, Christ will see you through.:console:

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