Say something nice about a Muslim


I offer a challenge to all my Christian Brothers. Just for a moment put aside any uncharitable feelings you may have toward Muslims and say one nice thing about them. You can say something general, or maybe something specific about a Muslim you know.

I’ll start…

I am always impressed by Muslims in prayer. The news likes to show them all bowing and praying together to frighten us, but I get goosebumps :slight_smile: I wish sometimes that Christians would show that much reverence for God. I’m not even sure what they are praying for, but I know God surely hears them.


P.S. You can say the same thing somebody else said if you like. No need to be original, if 1000 people say the same thing I said we will have built a stronger bridge.

Please don’t make this the world’s shortest thread :thumbsup:


I do admire the modesty of some of the women. I still do keep that to an extent.


I worked with a Muslim man about 10 years ago, he was from Jordan. He was a very respectful, polite gentleman. I loved to talk to him about his country and customs, and he was always willing to explain things to me that I didn’t understand.



I do comend them for their praying in public. No matter where they were, a classroom or crowded hallway, the muslims in our school used to drop everything, kneel in the middle of the floor facing east (I think) and say that hour’s prayers.

If only us Christians would drop everything, kneel in the middle of our schools, and pray the Our Father or something, we wouldn’t have another Virgina Tech! :thumbsup:


Finally a decent thread.

They’re respectful. And every muslim I have (personally) met has always been accepting of others beliefs.


Our law firm has several Muslim clients and they are all extremely nice and very respectful to the attorneys and us secretaries. I also admire the modesty of the women as well as the prayer in public. I have no problem whatsoever with the Muslims I know.:thumbsup:


I’ve known some very nice nominal and non-practicing Muslims. However, as far as Islam is concerned I can’t think of a single viture. The dressing up of elements of Mohammedianism in Christian guises simply doesn’t count. Veils aren’t about modesty, they’re a symbol of a woman’s status as property. If zealous Mulisms were so concerned with sexual morals and women’s modesty then it seems they’d have a problem with the sex slave trade that is making Iran the world’s number one source of women forced into prostution. On the contrary, the religious state of Iran doesn’t even go through the motions of trying to stop it. As for morals in general, with common occurances like men having muliple wives that the others don’t even know about, “temporary marriages,” and the fact that in the Islamic world’s party cities make the west look pretty tame it just seems a big smoke screen designed to make Islam appear to be something it’s not. There surely are moral Muslims, but these people in many cases are acting contrary to Mohammedianism.


Couldn’t even make it past 6 posts.

Didn’t your parents teach you that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.



Muslims have NO fear of public praying, ya gotta respect that. Like others have said, if we as Christians, both Catholic and Protestant adopt that sort of attitude toward our own prayer life, then maybe alot of our social evils would just vanish.:thumbsup:


They are children of God, regardless of how wrong-minded you may think they are. God loves each of His children completely. Whenever you make general statements and paint all people of a certain background with a broad stroke, you make a fool of yourself.


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Yes!!! :wink:

There is ALWAYS something nice to say about somebody!!
No matter what religion they are!


If it were a rock-solid REQUIREMENT of our Faith as it is of theirs, we would probably be more zealous about it (though the ease with which some Catholics in our culture opt out of Sunday Mass and Holy days of obligation makes me doubt even that).

Christians have always excercised a lot of latitude in the area of our devotional lives based on personal freedom and our belief that God is more pleased with our prayer when we do it simply out of love for him. Where laxity abounds, however, this can be a two-edged sword.

As it is, the only Christians that are *required *to have daily prayer are clergy and some religious (in the Liturgy of the Hours).Truth be told, I kind of wish it were required for everyone (as a layperson, I pray the Hours on my own).

Having said all that, I do admire the Moslem practice of daily prayer. I also love the modesty of their women, which makes them all the more beautiful.


Muslims dislike the decadence that is so prevalent in popular American culture.Stamping out the depravity in popular media would go a long way in building a bridge to Muslims.


I have only ever met a few Muslims when i worked at St Vincent De Paul and they were beautiful people. I have no problem with Muslims. In Australia alot of Muslims send their children to Catholic schools - they may not take our RE classes, but still they go there. I don’t think many Catholics would send their children to Muslim school. Not in Australia anyway!

I commend them on their loyalty to Allah. They drop everything literally and pray. How beautiful! :slight_smile:


My closest friends are muslims and they’re all wonderful people. They are very generous and take friendship and family VERY seriously.

From what I’ve seen with muslims if they call you friend they wouldn’t think twince about jumping in front of a truck if they thought it would help you.

Also I’ve found that they are a people that are quick to laugh and cry. I like that sort of emotional honesty.


What makes you think anyone here would have such uncharitable feelings toward Muslims?


Some of the Muslim women around town I’ve seen are simply gorgeous. Their headscarf just accentuates their beauty. I was in a middle eastern grocery just recently, and the woman in the checkout line next to me was just dazzling, so exotic and beautiful. I know she knew I was looking at her, but I fear she may have felt I was staring out of contempt rather than out of admiration. :frowning:

Some days I’m the one who needs to cover my head before I go outside, not these ladies! :bigyikes:


I read that a Muslim scholar once went around the streets with a bucket of water in one hand and a torch in the other. When asked why, he said that the water was to extinguish the fires of hell, and the torch was to set heaven on fire. He said that people should want to avoid hell not because of the fire but because God is not there, and that people should want to be in heaven not because of the pleasure, but because God is there. He said that if being without God meant to live in paradise he wanted no part of paradise. He said that if being with God meant suffering for eternity then he wanted to suffer.

More Christians need to think like that.


Even in Turkey where there have been some recent antiChristian tragedies, I had Muslim coworkers that went out of their way to ensure that I was able to attend Mass in Izmir (Ancient Smyrna) and they allowed me the time to visit and pray the rosary in Mary’s House in Ephes (Ephesus). We also visited other ancient Catholic sites in Ephes. I will always be grateful for their support and companionship on a truly wonderful visit.:bible1:

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