Say something nice about Sole Fide. :)


These are going well so I will start a third major one. I was listening to Curtis Martin yesterday on some tapes on parenting my wife gave me. He was talking about how Evangelization in the Catholic context is supposed to look for what is true in the beliefs of the one we wish to convert and use that to help them come to the fullness of the truth in the Catholic faith. With that in mind I have a little exercise I want to try.

Say something good about the belief of Sola Fide.

I will start it out. Those who believe in Sola Fide, like we Catholics, though they do not understand the scope of faith, recognize that faith in Christ is properly rooted faith. Praise God for this.


Those who adhere strictly to Sole Fide are forced to be humble, knowing that no amount of individual works can (in and of themselves) merit anything from God. They realize that we need a Savior, and properly know who that Savior is! Praise God for a faithful and humble heart! May our separated brothers come home soon!



The Best thing about the whole Sola Scriptura “discussion” is that it (usually) means we’re not having a Peter-the-Rock “discussion” or a Catholics-worship-Mary “discussion”.



Those who believe in sole fide probably believe the same thing we believe, they just say it in a very convoluted manner. We believe (free will) works complete faith; they believe works are a result of justification/sanctification.



It is euphonically pleasing to the ear? :smiley:


The *fide *part is true, anyway. The only problem is the *sola *part. So it’s half right.

The pessimist says the glass is half empty. The optimist says the glass is half full. The engineer says the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.


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