Saying "Babies"

What can I say to someone who refers to babies in the womb as “babies” arguing that killing them is ok? Something quick and to the point?

Killing innocent humans is wrong. (School shootings, Boston bombing)
Babies are human young. (They’re not “colts” or “kittens”)
So killing what we refer to as “babies” is wrong.

You might want to replace the word wrong with “unacceptable” to make it more easy to swallow and phrase it differently, but I hope that helps. I’ll pray for you. :slight_smile:

  1. We do not create life; God is the Creator of every human life.
  2. Human life begins at conception (this is both biologically and theologically true); therefore, a baby (or a foetus, if they use that term) still has the “essence” of humanity, though the “accidents” may be still developing, and is a person.
  3. God does not permit us to end a life unjustly.
  4. There is no “greater good” that permits us to end the life of any innocent person.
  5. A baby is an innocent person.
  6. Therefore, ending the life of a baby, whatever the reason, is wrong.

(This glosses over the concept of ectopic pregnancies, where the issues are a little different, but I assume we’re talking about babies in the womb here.)

Ask her to pinpoint exactly when the baby is a human life worthy of protection from murder. If she says at birth, press her and ask, not a minute earlier in the birth canal? Not an hour earlier in labor? Not a day earlier? How about a week or a month earlier. Point out that babies have survived being born at 22 weeks. And as science progresses, that number is getting smaller and smaller. Those are just quick and simple questions to get someone thinking.

How about something simple like:

So you think killing babes is OK?

^^^ great answer^^^I was gonna say something similar

Tell them theres cases of abortion where the baby was removed and still survived, so obviously its a baby even in the womb

I know it sounds crazy but I worry that this mentality (that it is okay to kill babies) is gaining ground. Just look at the headlines from Pennsylvania. Since infants outside the womb are biologically identical to “fetuses” inside the womb, it follows that if it is permissible to kill one then it should be permissible to kill the other. It’s a bit lengthy but here’s a particularly disturbing article I found on the subject.–Abortion%20and%20Infanticide.pdf

  1. Killing an innocent person is always wrong

  2. Abortion kills an innocent human being

  3. Therefore abortion is always wrong

Yeah, there’s definitely some crossing if the line going on here.

Sometimes a shorter sound bite hits them harder: “Did you know that this baby you are talking about, feels, hears, moves and sucks his thumb already?”

“Oh, so now they ARE calling it a “baby”; they used to try to hide that fact…Have you ever seen an ultrasound?”

“Medicine has gotten better and better at sustaining the lives of premature infants; when exactly would you say that they are NOT human babies worthy of a life? Could that all change in a year or two? then what?”

Absolutely everything is known to God even down to the tinyest details of our existence, and this would be true of every living person who has lived or will live on this planet.
And so:
Jeremiah 1:5 says,“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Now God could say that of everyone,“Before you existed, before you were known to your own mother, before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” The latter part of Jeremiah 1:5 might be different for each one depending on what he has appointed each one for in his plan.
And so God sees each one as fulfilling his plan in creation from the moment of conception in the womb to the end of our life in this world, but in a unique and different way.

Just a thought.

“If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” Psalm 95

For those who murder their babies in the womb, it matters not that this is a God created baby because they do not want this child. All they want is what THEY want, ME ME ME mentality.:mad:(I may be a bit harsh, but this evil has touched me personally)

I mourn daily for my grandchild in heaven who never had a chance to be born because the “timing” was not right for my daughter, no matter how I tried to talk her out of committing the murder (abortion).

What gives me comfort and helps me to heal is knowing that our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ and our Holy Mother Mary loves this child and s/he is safe in the Heavenly Kingdom.

I just changed my signature to a quote that I’d read this morning, and it might be a fitting response.

“Abortion has dulled our appreciation for the human being. Abortion has facilitated our denial that selfless love is more important than self gratification. The result is apathy, and that is what the Gosnell trial is about—apathy that dismisses humanity for the sake of convenience.”

(Judie Brown wrote that and you can read the rest here: )

The person who calls a child in the womb a “baby” yet still thinks it’s okay to kill a baby has little appreciation for human beings. Point that out. You could try pointing out that age discrimination is a form of prejudice and bigotry.

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