Saying Grace in Mixed Company


This question is for people who normally say grace before their meals at home. Do you also say grace when you’re out with people who aren’t necessarily Catholic or maybe not even Christian? For example, when eating lunch with people from work.

I feel as though when getting together for a meal with people, I’m not comfortable saying grace unless I know everyone there is in the habit of doing that. Not sure if I’m being a coward, or trying not to exclude others. Maybe a bit of both. How do you handle this?


I voted “say it in my head”


We always say grace. And I mean always, no exception, even when we are at someone else’s home or out to eat in a restaurant, and without exception, not once was there any objection.


We always said grace at meals, when we didn’t have company. Never said grace with non-Catholic members of family… or eating out. :imsorry:

But we’ve recently recognized the importance of bearing this witness… and are now working on it. Still doesn’t come too naturally, especially out in public. We get quite a few gawks and stares when making the Sign of the Cross.

We live in an area of the country where there isn’t a large Catholic population.


If I am eating a meal with co-workers, I will simply bow my head for a quiet moment. I notice that many of the people I work with do also. I have never had anyone ask me about it, give me a hard time, or anything like that. Usually a work meal is at a resturant where people’s plates might arrive at slightly different times, or in a cafeteria where the group is settling in at the table at different times also. I take the moment as soon as I sit down or my plate arrives to pray. Then I deal with napkins, flatware, salt, etc. I have sometimes found that I need to pause for another co-worker to pray quietly and I just wait respectfully.


As a family, yes we do always say grace. Even when we are out. We haven’t had the situation where we were eating at someone else’s house who didn’t also say grace, so that has never been a problem. I believe the OP was talking about work situations where you have much less control over who you are eating with. In those cases I say the same grace I normally do, but simply say it in my head or quietly under my breath.


I say grace with the wife and kids, and we make the Sign of the Cross. If the kids’ neighborhood friends are over, we still do it. If we are around my (barely) protestant in-laws, we still do it, even if it’s their house. If we are babysitting, we still do it.

We are Catholic and PROUD!!! :signofcross:

If they are offended, remind yourself that you should be offended by their preference that you keep it to yourself. Translation: I don’t care.


I can’t recall the last time I ate out - particularly with a non-Catholic - the second phrase being the key phrase. But while I THINK that I might say Grace silently - but not afraid to at least make the Sign of the Cross - if ever so quickly. I can’t recall when I’ve done it that way last - but making the Sign of the Cross just before beginning to eat is, I think, a way of not interrupting those who may not be accustomed to saying Grace - but making them aware. Maybe, we should all take a lesson from this thread. If we don’t do it, start. Be unafraid to admit your allegiance to Jesus.


I have symptoms of social phobia which restrict me especially in the past I even avoided annual Christmas lunch at work.

Then after coming to RC church as an adult I have somehow got some inner confidence and make a point of at least saying grace before annual meal I try to be respectful of others andI always ask first if any one wants to say instead and say if anyone wants to join me.

No one has yet told me off but I would rather loose my job than be forced otherwise!

Also say it at my sisters when I am invited etc who aren’t church goers.

A couple from work at least are Christians but non catholic so don’t know if they would normally say grace.

I feel angry about the secular world pushing Christianity to the edges in the UK eg banning prayers before council meetings etc is this sinful of me?


I voted “say it silently”.

I have moved from just bowing my head and praying silently, or just saying something silently, to normally making the sign of the cross, and praying silently.

I’d feel uncomfortable praying aloud by myself anyways. When I’m with friends we normally say grace together. The other day I asked my mom if I could bless the food, so I did. I think I need to ask if we can bless the food more often. Most people have no objections to it, as most ppl on here have said, and its an easy way to share the faith with ppl.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would object to it as being “shoving religion down ppls throats”… or something in that vein. Especially if you pray for ppl who aren’t as fortunate, which is pretty common.

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