Saying One Prayer Vs Two

What I mean by this is that, when praying I typically pray in numbers of three or so for Hail Mary’s, Our Fathers etc. But myself, often wonder why do we pray more then once of the same prayer unless it’s required? Just on the basis of a general prayer, does it account for more grace or help from God?

praying more is always good but don’t let your prayer become about the quantity of prayer. It isn’t like a class or sports where you have to do something x number of times to get good at it. Some of the most holy men and women of our Churches history will sit silently in the presence of Christ and not constantly being praying hail mary’s or our fathers.

the central purpose of prayer is our relationship with God. We want to become like Christ. I’m guessing this common among all people, but when you spend a lot of time with someone you tend to act more like that person. The more time you spend with Christ the more you will be like Christ. Our ultimate purpose in life is to share in the divinity of Christ. God’s salvation is a perfect union with Christ in heaven, or to perfectly share in the divinity of Christ.

It will depend on why…Praying multiple times just our of habit or “rote” without much thought, I would say no it doesn’t help much.
However if we are praying repeatedly for some specific reason…say for instance we are distraught and we don’t know what to say or ask God for - then yes repeated prayer can be beneficial.

Just some thoughts


Well, when you meditate why do you spend more than 1 second?

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