"saying" or offering a Rosary for a cause, goal, intention


I would like to know how people who offer or “say” rosaries for a particular cause actually handle the meditations that are associated with it, while they are saying or praying it.

Is the idea that you are offering the devotion of saying/praying the rosary, in a similar way to the way a mass is offered?

There would need to be no connection between the goal (say, supporting life by saying a rosary at an abortion clinic), and the prayers and meditations of the rosary itself.

I wonder, for example, if people who pray rosaries for souls in purgatory do somehow relate their meditations on the mysteries of the rosary to that intention.

When people use the word “saying”… this always makes me feel as though meditating isn’t involved for the people who do use that word, but I’m sure they do meditate since that’s an integral part of the devotion. It is actually easier for me to establish a deep mood from appreciating or savoring the words of the actual prayers themselves, as I repeat them. I wish this were a valid way of praying the rosary. But of course, it is not.


Sure it is. You can announce the mystery and meditate on it briefly, then go ahead and savor the words of the prayers. The rosary is a private devotion, so there is no valid or invalid way to pray it. Whatever is helpful and rewarding to you is just fine.

I usually do have intentions in mind with the mysteries. For example, when I pray for priests (as in this Year of the Priest), using the Joyful Mysteries, I’ll pray the Annunciation for many young men to say yes to God’s invitation and for those who are already ordained to renew their “yes” every day. For the Visitation, I pray that they have a spirit of service as Mary did in going to Elizabeth. For the Nativity, I thank God for the power of the priesthood in bringing Christ to earth in each Mass. For the Presentation, I pray for the gift of obedience for every priest. Finally, for the Finding in the Temple, I pray for priests in difficulty, that they will find themselves “in the temple,” that is, safe in the Church.

Hope you find this example helpful.



Before I pray a rosary, I speak to both Jesus and Mary about my intentions. Our dog just passed away this morning, and so tonight, together with my daughters, we’ll ask that we get to see Chase again, and that He helps us heal through His grace and Mercy. Then we’ll begin with our prayers, keeping in mind that our sorrow cannot be healed without His grace. And I, as a mother, need Her to help me lift my family up when I’m in despair.


By God’s grace, we can do all things. We must rely on the Father as His babies.


My church here prayes the rosary every Tuesday at 5. They annouce the mysteries, but during that time I prayed the rosary for my brother. As I mentioned else where he is going through surgery this Tuesday, and I figured that he could use the extra prayers.


I feel a little teary at these perfect responses. You have indeed all come to the rescue !
Betsy: thank you for particuarly addressing the wording of the prayers and the way I feel about them. . . . Heather, Eucharisted, and dsears: your replies were just what I need to get a sense of the reality and keep myself from counting me out of the running in terms of “using” the rosary. . . Eucharisted, I have favorited your conversion story at blogsofasoul in hopes of reading it tomorrow morning when I am fresh.



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