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I came across this Rosary CD album at a thrift store while looking for a missal. My question is, is it appropriate to say the rosary while listening to the rosary CD album using a headphone? I remember when i was at rehab, the nurse would play the rosary album cd for the residence to follow. Thanks for your input.

PS. I live in a house with people making so much noise. I feel that using a headphone helps me focus more.


Yes, that would be totally fine. You may pray the rosary however you like, it is not a regulated devotion since it is a private devotion.


Yes. It sounds like a good way to pray the rosary.


The Amazon Echo has a skill called Prayer Buddy that says the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I use it often. I have a rosary CD too. I also have a rosary app on my phone.


Why not? :slight_smile: Sometimes it’s the best option for the circumstances.


It’s wonderful! Catholic TV stations broadcast a recorded rosary. I imagine there are thousands praying along while watching!


Thank you all for your input. I need to save it on my phone so I can say it wherever I am.


why not? The Rosary has been broadcast on the radio for decades


Media helps me to focus better on the rosary on days I can’t seem to.


The classical music station where I used to live played the Rosary at 5:30 on Saturday and Sunday.


You could also join a Catholic discord server and pray the rosary by listening to the people on voicechat lead. In this way you participate in the prayer with other people, and you may be silent or whisper.


You know, I just can’t do it. I’ve tried. It’s very distracting for me to try to follow a CD. I like to pray my rosary s l o w l y. Usually takes 45 minutes or so.


Definitely, things like audio CDs or youtube videos can be very helpful when trying to follow along or if you don’t have a rosary on hand. Sometimes I’ll pray along and listen to a youtube video with my headphones during a slow day at work.


It is perfectly fine no matter how you pray it! It is a spiritual weapon, and like material weapons, should not be displayed without purpose! Offered by (an in) groups is great - we must not beat folks over the head with it, or lapse into vanity by wanting to be seen in prayer. Close your door and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Online, here is a great site in which you can pray woith others around the world:


I often pray the Rosary in the car.
Maybe that’s why my auto insurance premium is sky high now.

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