Saying "spiritually" in a creed at martial arts


I am part of a martial arts academy, I forgot if it is before or after the classes in which we say this, but we say a creed in which it goes: "

As an active student of the martial arts, I pledge to continually improve myself, mentally, physically and spiritually

, that is just the beginning of the creed. That is the only reference to anything spiritual in the creed. Is it problematic for me to say the "spiritually part?


From what I’ve read of your posts, you are working on your spiritual side. As long as they aren’t asking you to pray to other gods, I wouldn’t worry about it.


You might want to ask your instructor/sensei what “spiritually” means in this context. Often it can refer to your “fighting spirit” or your attitude toward life and the martial arts.


There is nothing to prevent you from improving yourself spiritually. In your case it will be in your Catholicism. The next student might be improving himself in a different religious belief. I’m sure your also bow to the flag and the portrait of the founder in your martial art. This is just showing respect in the eastern way. It is not the same bow you give to Jesus before receiving. Unless the teacher is instructing you in eastern religious beliefs, there is nothing wrong with growing spiritually. I’m sure God would appreciate your efforts.

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