Saying the complete Rosary or just 1/3?

For the last couple of months, I’ve been praying 3 Rosaries per day (the traditional complete Rosary), but I’ve come to notice that lately, I just pray it because I feel like it is a responsibility, and I end up saying it in a vain way, and not even concentrating on what I’m saying. Should I go back and pray only 1/3 per day? Or would that be a regression in my prayer life?

Why not go back until you are ready to again do 1 complete rosary. You could choose other devotions for a while. The purpose of prayer is to communicate with God reverently. I did the 54 day rosary twice and then decided to do something different. It was great and I am ready to do another 54 day rosary again. Wishing you well.

I’d recommend going back to 1. Maybe you could use the extra time to try some different prayers.

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The fervor of the prayer is more important then the length, however there should still be a substantial amount of time left for prayer.

The ABSOLUTE best Rosary I ever said in my life was a regular one with whatever mysteries I was using for that day but I did this and it made a WORLD of difference. Each Our Father, Each Hail Mary, each Glory Be was said for a different person, group of people, intention.

I mean saying a Rosary like that was amazing. I need to do that again.


If i your praying of the rosary becomes too rite, then it might be good to go back to 1/3 temporarily until you can pray it more devoutly.

Sometimes when I leave for work I toss a “Love you” over my shoulder to my husband, just out of habit. Other times I sit down and look in his eyes, hold his hands and say “Darling, I love you so much”. Should I stop the quick "Love you"s?


It’s a meditative and contemplative prayer, I always feel like I learn something new or “review” something I have learned that is in someway related to the mysteries I’m praying.
I personally would keep doing the same thing but maybe read more or write down my thoughts afterwards (I planned on doing this but I never get to it)

It would be a regression to pray the whole thing and only do it in vain. If you find that praying only 5 mysteries (or less) a day helps you to be more honest and thoughtful instead of just going through the motions, absolutely that is the better way to go. It’s about quality over quantity (though quantity is pretty important too, since we’re told to pray without ceasing).

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I recommend focusing on the quality of how you pray rather than the quantity.


I think you should do that for a while. You may find, after a while, that some days you’ll be able to pray 2 or 3 risariss, and some days only one.

Luke 10: 41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one.

We have to do our best. We also have to trust in God. Sometimes when God wants to lead a soul to a greater holiness he will remove the consolations that we had earlier in order to lead us to a closer communion with Him. Sometimes we have to focus on the God of consolations rather than the consolations of God.

Just pray whatever portion of the Rosary you can while truly envisioning the mysteries (which is the most important part). I usually just do 1/4 a day.

By the way, dDid you know that when Pope St. JP II added the Luminous Mysteries he accomplished all of these impressive things:

  • Kept the chronological order of all 20 of the mysteries
  • Highlighted the sacraments of Baptism, Marriage and Eucharist
  • Suggested Thursday as the day to commemorate the Last Supper

Meditating on the lives of Jesus and Mary draw us closer to both,
Deacon Christopher

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