Saying the “F” word

Years ago, my high school religion teacher told my class that saying the “F” word is a mortal sin. My husband disagrees (he doesn’t go around saying the “F” word, he just doesn’t think it’s a mortal sin). Does the Church have an official teaching on this?

They’re wrong. Using profanity is barely ever grave matter. Be at peace.


It is crude and impolite, but, it is not grave matter.


It’s not a grave matter so no, it’s not a mortal sin.

By the way, it’s a lot more sinful to speak the Lord’s name in vain, be it exclaiming “Jesus!” as an interjection when you’re surprised by something or saying, “G-d d-mn it” when you’re upset about something.

Saying the f-word is still vulgar and should be avoided, especially in polite company, but by itself it’s not a mortal sin to do so.


Under Consent (of the) King -

My older friend at church told me the origin of the word.
Apparently the king - way back when -
took total liberties with the any / all village people …
( not sure if it’s true, but my older friend is a historian )
It was one of thee most - outrageous - privileges of being king -
F - standing for fornicate -
If a woman disagreed - well, let’s not go there.

Just knowing that -
It’s no wonder that it’s often said - in extreme anger and disappointment.

It’s not acceptable, especially when referring to sexual intercourse.


Being a retired U.S. Navy submarine sailor, I would be damned for eternity if I believed this! But, I know the mercy of God, when presenting Him a contrite spirit and heart!

Rejoice in the Lord Always!


Thanks. I’m not worried about it. I don’t think I’ve ever said it in my life. I was just wondering if my teacher was correct or not. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for your response.

It’s not a sin to say the “F” word, but it sure does make me cringe to hear it. I think that out of respect for others, it shouldn’t be used. If it’s being said in a movie I’m watching, I turn it off. Right, I don’t watch many movies. :confounded:

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It’s hardly a grave matter. I wouldn’t even say saying the word itself is sinful so much as how someone uses it.

As far as I know, the f-word was just the poor people’s version of fornicate. Of course, poor people are icky and uncouth, so it is best not to speak like them. /s

No, he didn’t. That’s a (juvenile) urban legend.

The word’s use and etymology are well know.

In short, it came from the germanic “fikken”, to thrust or insert.

In it’s current english spelling, it was not originally “dirty”, and was actually used in poetry :scream::exploding_head::scream:



If you speak of something similar that we can see in Breavehart film, on the contrary I think it is a myth.
From what an history professor of university have told us.

But certainely the lords took liberties with women. And their consent was certainly not asked…
But it seems not an official right or custom, and not something all women must submit in certains circonstances.

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What poems would those be?:thinking:

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Gangsta rap poems!

I do enjoy and partake in a good f bomb now and then. I’ve never considered confessing it.


I use the same metric as other swear words. If it offends, it’s wrong to use it. So insulting people with it or using around someone who doesn’t like hearing it, that would be wrong. But if you’re using it where it doesn’t offend, okay. Me, I like to use it ironically by telling people, “Watch your f’ing language.” But of course that’s only in company that’s not offended.

The F word refers to an act that the Lord makes holy. It is a sacramental right of marriage. The act that allows man to participate in creation. I think it a serious to make profane what God ordained as holy. Most people do not have the knowledge and will necessary to make saying is a mortal sin. But using it the way I hear it used does offend God.


Rarely is it really used like that. I would never say that about what my wife and I do. But when my computer goes down in the middle of a banking transaction … the use is warrented.

I don’t get much support for this but I agree. Saying ‘jeez’, which is short for Jesus, should be considered far more grave. People worry about the ‘f’ word but are very careless with God and Jesus.

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