Saying the word "b*tch" a sin?

I am just singing the rap part in Nicki Minaj’s song “Starships” and I actually said the word b*tch. :o:o:o
Is it a sin?

BTW, I am suffering from scrupulosity.:banghead::banghead:

Hi Jasper,

It wouldn’t necessarily be a sin. It’s a rap song, so is doubtlessly crude. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, is it a sin? A word is a word in context. So ask yourself why you are singing or saying the word bi*ch, as presumably the song is about dogs.

Does is come from anger or hatred, does it come from the desire to be liked by being crude or scandalous? These kind of responses can definitely be sinful.

But, if you’re just into the song, it’s not really a sin, crude though it might be.

Sorry - I hate rap! :smiley:

Oh - just looked a little closer at what you said. I do like that song!

***** is the proper term for a female dog. I would not use it in any other context. Period. It becomes a pejorative if used to describe anything or anyone else besides a female dog. Do you really want to do that?

I say that with vulgar words it depends on how you’re using it. Are you using it in anger, hatred, or any hateful way? Are you intending to say the word or is it just spur of the moment (like in a song)?

Many times vulgar words are not used in a vulgar way are just empty meaningless words. Why are these words considered sinful? We are not talking about words that take the Lord’s name in vein. We’re talking about vulgar words that are being used in an empty way rather than in a hateful way.

Saying or singing the word ***** I wouldnt think is a sin. Where I think it becomes sinful is when that word is used to hurt the listener.
We should be mindful of other persons hearts.

I think.

The word ***** is crude now a days and usually the reason for using it is not to talk about a dog.

Well actually, It is a rap song so It just slipped out of my mouth. I didn’t mean to say it. After I said that word, I said “Ooops!” and kissed the ground.

I just made a good confession and does this mean another trip to the confessional?

Jasper, I’m assuming you said the word at the point where it is part of the words of the song? I guess you normally avoid the word and leave it out when singing along to this song? This time you were so caught up in the song you accidentally verbalized a word you would not usually use?

If the answer to these three is “yes” - no problem.

In addition, as you state you suffer from scrupluosity, no sin was committed.

Thank God! I really suffer from scrupulosity which St. Therese labeled as “martyrdom”…Please pray for me.

Greetings from the Philippines!

To step back and take a broader view, Jesus said (paraphrasing) that whatever is in the heart in abundance will come out of the mouth. Perhaps, OP, you have been listening to too much Nikki Minaj and not enough “Jesus Loves Me.” To quote a pentecostal evangelist that I heard once a long time ago, it doesn’t take long running with the dogs (no pun intended) to learn how to bark.

Saying a ‘naughty’ word is generally just crude. If nobody was about to hear it, then it doesn’t matter. If it’s a common word amongst people surrounding you, then it’s simply colloquial. If it’s something that you wouldn’t say in front of your grandmother because she would be offended, then don’t say it in front of your grandmother otherwise you cause offence but that would be a venial matter.

I have a friend who is a good and holy priest and he occasionally uses swear words when in my presence. He certainly wouldn’t do so on the street or in the company of others, but he knows it doesn’t offend me. It’s just part of the language, albeit a bit crude, but then sometimes crude words give vent to crude feelings. Provided one doesn’t deliberately set out to offend or do so carelessly, then it’s nothing to worry about. Just don’t make a habit of it, otherwise the risk of accidental crude utterances in inappropriate places will increase.

Don’t say it in the presence of those who are offended by it, and you will be in the clear. None offended, no offence. Hence can’t be held against you, but if the Lord be with you then one should consider that what one says, says it in the Presence of his Lord.

To curse another, is to desire the condemnation of another.

In biblical times even the word “dog” was an insult because dog could mean a male prostitute as well as meaning “mans best friend”.

NOT a sin. Don’t worry. First, it was an accident. Second, you weren’t aiming it at anyone, you just forgot to “radio edit” yourself. Using bad words isn’t sinful in and of itself. It’s when those “bad words”:
-harm others
-cause offense
-display anger
-scandalize others
-contribute to a culture of sin
-are blasphemous
-cause others to see the church as hypocritical or immoral (goes with scandalizing)
that they are a sin

Singing alone with yourself and unintentionally uttering a “bad word” (it isn’t a curse) doesn’t do any of those things. Don’t worry, you’re just being scrupulous.

On the songwriter’s part, however, the word IS being used sinfully, as it was intended to be crude, disrespectful, and/or offensive. Maybe you should consider your choice in music? (Again, though, listening to the song is not a sin, but it COULD be the occasion for sin, depending on your personality and what tempts you).

It degrades the dignity of women in an awful way, so it certainly constitutes venial sin. If addressed towards holy people or loved ones with the intention of causing them injury, it can be grounds for mortal sin.

In some places, cursing is such a commonplace occurrence that the gravity is greatly diminished inasmuch as it would be odd if someone didn’t. This is also true when someone listens significantly to songs where curse words are usually part of the lyrics. Other times, it is a choice that the person makes. When we can choose, we should choose to sanctify our tongue, especially by trying not to curse :slight_smile:

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