Saying "those three words"


When is an appropriate time to tell a significant other how you feel about them using the words- I love you? I know “when it feels right” or “when its true”… but i have always felt that the words have been ruined by society today and don’t mean as much. I obviously love my sig-oth very much because i am with them, but I guess I’m just curious about vocalizing it using those specific words.

Anyone have any experience with this?


I do not think there is ever a right or wrong time to say those three words.But they should be a genuine expression of how you feel.Sometimes you have to make the first move and say it first.


I have only been truly in love once. The relationship lasted four years and I definitely loved the women. I said "I love you" after I felt that I couldn't hold it in any longer. The time was right and she told me she loved me also. We were together for over three years after that.

My only advice would be to wait a little while until the warm and fuzzies wear off a little bit.


I think it varies amungst people. I think saying it isn’t as important as showing it. Society has seemed to tarnish what love is. However, it doesn’t determine what you know to be love. I personally have said I love you to many people. But I do love these people… but when I say I love you to my significant other… I mean it on a deeper level. I say, if you really love someone why not say it? Just make sure they know its not just pizza love :stuck_out_tongue:
If you are still uncertain, pray about it. Who else to learn about love than from Love it self, our God :heart:


We did a week after we started dating.


We were friends for a couple years beforehand and always had a really intense connection, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Due to some other factors, it wasn't right until this year. Finally, a week after our first kiss, he told me. I knew I loved him too when I didn't run away (trust me, I'm the Miss Independent out of my friends).

Yes, he shows it to me and I to him. We take care of each other when sick/stressed. We get along beautifully. We talk through issues that are difficult. We have plans for the future. Meeting his friends and family confirms what my gut's been telling me.

Of course, I told him a couple years till we seal the deal. We need to see how we make it through the next couple of years before we make it permanent (I'm going away this fall, for a year, but coming back, he needs to finish his degree). If I'd let him, he'd propose to me now, but I find it more prudent to wait. If/when he does, I want to give an honest "yes" without a single hesitation.


Say it as often as you wish as long as you mean it. That's my rule with my DH. Don't worry about what society is doing, just do what is right.;)


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