SBC leader helps draft evangelical statement on animal welfare

A Southern Baptist Convention leader helped draft a statement against animal cruelty released Sept. 30 that is being hailed as a possible tipping point for raising animal-rights awareness among evangelicals. On the heels of Pope Francis’ June encyclical terming any act of animal cruelty “contrary to human dignity” and just before the Oct. 4 feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, which liturgical traditions observe with a special ceremony called the Blessing of the Animals, a group of evangelical pastors, scholars and theologians issued a declaration titled Every Living Thing: An Evangelical Statement on Responsible Care for Animals.

It’s necessary to have a statement?

Which shows what a great race (of humans) we are!

People who are cruel to animals are also cruel to people. They are desensitized to suffering in another (person or animal) and are sorely lacking in dignity if secular and grace if christian.


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