SBC president prays historic church approving homosexual marriage, ordination 'one day' will return to biblical roots

GREENVILLE, S.C. (Christian Examiner) – Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd said the “family of faith” is concerned about a decision by the First Baptist Church of Greenville, historic home of the denomination’s first-ever president in 1845, to ordain and marry homosexuals.

“My heart was grieved when I heard of the decision made by the First Baptist Church of Greenville,” Floyd told Christian Examiner.

Floyd said it was reported the Greenville church left the Southern Baptist Convention, what has grown to become a 15.5 million member denomination with over 45,000 churches, in 1999, but said, “their decision still concerns all of us in the family of faith.”

As an SC native and resident, this surprises me. Everyone knows we are a very conservative minded state, especially with regards to all matters religious. To hear of a Baptist church performing SSM is very strange, indeed. However, this topic has been a massive cause of controversy within the Episcopal Church here; causing a well documented split within the north and south dioceses. The institutionalization of SSM is going to fragment the Protestant Churches in America even more within the next few years, I believe.

And SC Episcopalians are mostly very conservative. . . .

Actually in the South there are some pockets of very liberal Baptists, especially in large cities or college towns. One of the professors at Duke Div School, a Baptist from the North, used to complain that he couldn’t find a Baptist church in Durham that was orthodox but not (by his definition) fundamentalist–the choice was between fundamentalist churches and churches that didn’t believe in the divinity of Jesus.


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