'Scalia Index' shines light on possible Trump Supreme Court pick


WASHINGTON — The late Justice Antonin Scalia likely would be pleased to see who President Trump is mulling as his replacement.

Two of the federal appeals court judges atop Trump’s list as he nears his much-awaited nomination also are near the top of another list: the “Scalia Index,” created by legal academics to determine who would come closest to emulating the conservative icon.

While Utah Supreme Court Justice Thomas Lee scores the highest in the three measurements of “Scalia-ness,” Judges Neil Gorsuch and William Pryor are close behind. Another federal appeals court judge under active consideration, Thomas Hardiman, is further back.


So who will it be? We will know for sure at 8pm EST Tue night


Another topic for the left to whine about and complain about.


I’d love to see Neil Gorsuch appointed to the court. At 49 I can see liberals going into (yet another) tizzy that a staunch judicial conservative could be there for 30+ years. I’m sure they are all trying to make sure Justices Ginsberg and Kennedy are healthy for atleast 2 more years. They certainly don’t want 2 [or 3] relatively younger conservatives to balance out Sotomayor and Kagan for the next 20 years.


The only one with a known stance on Roe is Pryor.


If they’re anything like Scalia was, I’d love to see them all on the Supreme Court someday.


Since Scalia was confirmed unanimously, I would say forget that index. However, I would hold Trump to his word, that he would appoint someone who holds to the 10th amendment, not necessarily a conservative or pro-lifer.

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