Scandal, COVID 19, and engaged couple staying together

My Fiancé lives in Canada and I live with my parents in michigan. He lost his job and housing in the last month right now is staying at a air B and B in Canada. We are getting married in 2021 but everything is stalled because we are going through the k1 fiancé visa process and COVID at the same time. My Husband to be also has mobility issues due to cerebral palsy and has asthma. We talking about him coming In January and staying at my parents house for a couple months ( my parents will be in Florida from January to March) to save money. Also my fiancé feels safer from COVID staying at my house because he isn’t staying at a place like at a air B and B where a bunch of people have come and gone already. We have stayed very chaste in our relationship and will stay in separate rooms but the big concern is the sin of Scandal and what our actions could look like to other people. Therefore, is it sinful for him to stay with me for several months?

I’m going to leave the morality issues for other more knowledgable folks to discuss.

On the issue of his fiancé visa, however, he could be taking a very big risk by trying to enter the U.S. as a visitor while he has an active K-1 visa application on file. He could possibly be denied entry and possibly even be banned from coming to the U.S. for an extended period of time. You should probably research this very carefully before trying it.

Regarding your boyfriend’s health issues…he has government provided healthcare in Canada. He’ll be paying out-of-pocket for healthcare in the U.S. Money seems to be an issue for him. Can he afford this added expense?

On the issue of Covid-19…is the US/Canadian border even open?

Sounds like you have a few obstacles to work around. Best of luck to you.

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