Scandal, Heresy/Division, Infidelity, Apostasy

steps of dragon:

Step IV. Sow laxity and scandal in Catholic clergy

Step V. Use Scandal as excuse to deny all Apostolic Succession Authority and to only trust Writings. Then confound disciples understanding of Writings. Christians divide in geometric progression, add in bloodshed, bingo…>>>

Step VI. People get sick of pursuit of religion that believes in Intervention and Revelation. They decide anything we need to know about God we can use unaided reason, and we can be good on our own power. Eventually people get sick even of natural religion, and study the material world instead. Science increases exponentially. …>>>

Step VII. Materialistic wonders and scandal of religious past lead humanity to utterly cast aside religion and place faith in material world alone, apostasy.

How would an honest Protestant deny this process?

It was never God’s intention to give us merely Written Words without a Sacred Oral Tradition to preserve the proper understanding of the Written Word.

The determination for all God’s children of what the Written Word truly MEANS has been left EXCLUSIVELY to the Catholic Church alone, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit using the Sacred Oral Words of God that the Apostles deposited.

It is rejection of this very Sacred Tradition and the authority of the bishops, sinners though they are, that is the root cancer of why the Protestants have confounded the living hell out how to understand the Written Words of God. This division, although well meaning, nevertheless works to the dragon’s advantage: the confusion in doctrine causes humanity to grow tired of Christianity, and seek religious truth elsewhere (in only unaided human reason), or else, not even seek it all (as in today).

But the root cause is SCANDAL: the dragon desired to make the Church look bad, thereby using the scandal as an excuse to instigate a great heretical rebellion, hence, confounding Christianity unity, hence leading to loss of faith.

I don’t see how an honest Protestant can deny the objective psychology of this history.

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As a non-Catholic Christian myself, I am saddened by what seems to be practically universal miscconception by fellow “Protestants” of what Catholicism is. I hope to do my small part to demonstrate to my brothers/sisters that what separates us pales in comparison to what should unite us.

On the other hand, Catholics have a responsibility as well. Primarily to show the reason for your faith with gentleness and respect, love and grace. I think it is fair to say that there is a general feeling of contempt shown by Catholics to non-Catholic Christians, which is not a recipe for reconciliation.

I see a lot of truth in your post. Wrap it up in a little more grace and I think you may have a winner! :slight_smile:

yes, I do apologize, I don’t want to incriminate modern Protestants. In the future I will try to be more gentle.


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