I was wondering if it’s scandalous for a woman (or man) to “marry” another of the same sex for financial benefits, or for any reason really, if they aren’t going to have sex? Does this contradict the teachings of Christ or His Church? I’m not considering this, the question just came up in another thread. I also know the answer, but brought it up for the benefit of another who thinks I’m just an inconsiderate…nevermind.

Opinions, documents, anything welcome.:slight_smile:

This isn’t an answer to your question but it made me think of something that happened here in Canada a few years ago.

After our government passed the law that allowed homosexuals to marry there were two men who got ‘married’ so they could cash in on the benefits. They were on the news and they said what their intentions were and how even though they were married they would be with their girlfriends as well. I believe there was some opposition to this from the homosexual community, something along the lines of them making a mockery of marriage… ironic.

LOL, well, not really funny. But VERY ironic…the nerve! grrrr

It does cause scandal; another thing, it is a lie.

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