Scandals: today's letter to my pastor


Jesus said to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.

The bishops of the universal church have done neither.

If “render to God” is operationally defined as Canon Law, and surely that is on oversimplification of what is owed to God, the bishops of the U.S. have said that they have no authority over their brother bishops with respect to the sexual and financial abuse of Catholics.

But, that can only be true if they place their fellow bishops above God in importance. That seems to be a violation of the first commandment.

But, what is equally significant, is that the bishops of the universal church have not rendered to Caesar what is Caesar’s. What is Caesar’s? They should have reported crimes and cover-ups (bishops who made themselves accessories to crimes against children, in particular) to civil authorities. Bishops have obligations to civil authorities, as they are reluctantly and belatedly discovering. Yes, facts were known in 2002 but they were not acted upon to the full extent of the bishops’ responsibility.

It is intellectual misdirection for the bishops to claim innocence in either respect. Bishops are referred to as “servants of God.” But are they, if they ignore Christ’s command to be responsible.?

The closest we come to a bishop exercising responsibility is Vigano – a bishop with the guts to say it like it is.He may have not said it perfectly, but close enough is a good starting point.

ALL the bishops are guilty. ALL the bishops have lied to 1.2 billion Catholics. ALL have sat on the sidelines while the perpetrators went free. “ALL” includes the POPE.

The Church on earth is without a visible head.


No, they are not all guilty. You should not paint with such a broad brush of pessimism and accusation unless you can prove your claims with solid facts, and not just your opinion.


You sent that to your pastor?


Our diocese just got a new bishop this year so the chances that he is involved are minimal. Really claiming that all bishops are liars and guilty is just slander.


Our Lord Jesus Christ has promised to be with us…He said that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church.

Let us all pray for the Church and her enemies.


I know our Bishop is very holy and has been here for several years. He came in after many scandals had occurred and cleaned up our diocese. He has been a blessing.


So that’s what someone who is without sin sounds like! Agree with the broad brush comment…AND this problem needs to be deslt with once and for all…


The sexual abuse scandals are international in scope. The facts have been stated over and over in the last several weeks in all US Catholic media. It’s been known since 2002 (at least) the bishops were moving sexual abusers from parish to parish and diocese to diocese.

Do you really think bishops have limited power to rally their fellow bishops? Do you aver that the bishops had no civil responsibility to report the criminal actions to civil authorities? etc.

What did Christ mean, then? “render” that’s not a question. They had an obligation to protect people from sexual assaults and to use church funds prudently, or do you disagree? It’s of no consequence if you disagree with me, it’s a different matter to ignore Christ’s command.

Whatever happened to " teach them to observe all that I have commanded?" Until the Vigano letter, I haven’t seen any bishop take the bull by the horns.


So you must believe that every single bishop moved abusive priests. Or that every single bishop is a part of a special good 'ole boys club where everyone’s got each other’s back.

Sorry. I don’t believe any of that.


which account was shut down?


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