Scapegoat of recent scandal?


Anybody else had the impression that after the recent sexual abuse scandal certain Catholic circles are looking for a scapegoat? I have the impression some people are pushing the equation ssa=abuse of children and young boys and pushing for a purge of people with ssa (even of people living chastely) in priesthood and consecrated life.


Yes I have noticed this as well. Anti-gay Catholics are using this scandal as a rally to eliminate gay men from entering seminary. Many good gay Catholic men feel called to their priestly vocation specifically because they are not called to marriage. There are thousands upon thousands of good gay priests.


The people doing that now are the same ones doing it every day of the week.
Pray for them and the SSA or gay or LGBTQ or whatever people too.


Yes, and it’s not the “anti-gay” activist. I already see where this thread is going.


You do? :thinking:
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Let me put it this way, enjoy your popcorn.




Exact same topic here:


I guess I haven’t been following it enough to see people scapegoating. Maybe I’ll stick around here to see where things go.


So somebody else saw this new trend!


This was supposed to already have happened since 2002, by papal order. Only those who have defied the last three popes will have refused this change. Gay men are not to enter seminary. It is not scapegoating, but a papal order.


Pass the salt please :blush:


In two of the parishes I lived there was a scandal, one involved a minor. In both cases the victims were women and the abuser a man connected with the Church. I think is more an imbalance of power between the abuser and the victim than ssa vs heterosexuals pulsions.


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I think they were talking about the active gay priest that go against Church teaching which is problem on its own.


I found this article. It is saying with much better words what I was trying to say with my post.


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