Scapular and Liturgical Vestments


In recent years/decades it has become somewhat common for priestly vestments of the Roman rite to include what is refered to as a scapular. It resembles in shape and size the scapular that is part of the habit of some religious orders. As far as I can tell the purpose of these scapulars is to provide decoration or andornment on what would otherwise be a plain solid color chasuble. It certainly makes sense from a cost standpoint as priests could have plain chasubles in many colors and make them more formal looking by wearing the scapular.

It is my understanding that these scapulars would then be regarded as part of the chasuble, as opposed to being a separate vestment, even if the two are not sewn, buttoned or otherwise attached to one another.

My question is this: Am I correct that such a garment is considered part of the chasuble and therefore a priest ought to be wearing a stole underneath the chasuble in the usual manner? I ask because I have seen advertising for such items identifying them as “scapular stoles” or “scapular style stoles” and on at least one occasion saw a priest wear such an item as a stole when concelebrating at mass.

Any insight is much appreciated.

The Peace of the LORD be with you,

Michael Bielawa, Jr.


I may be wrong but perhaps your making reference to Monastic scapulars used by some priests in certain orders in the Latin, Greek and Russian Orthodox.


I spent a significant amount of time in the Byzantine Church, so I am familiar with the scapulars associated with the various schema in the eastern monastic traditon.

What I am refering to here is something I have seen for sale not just online, but in vestment shops in Rome. it is a scapular with some design on the front and back, and is designed to fit over a common Roman rite, gothic style chasuble, in order to provide the sort of decoration that is often embroidered onto many chasubles.


Are you referring to the “chasualb” which was in fashion back in the 70’s and 80’s?

I don’t think it was ever approved as an alternative to a real chasuble.


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