Scapular and medals question

Is it appropriate to put medals on your scapular? I know some are sold with St Benedict ’ medal but if you wanted to put your patron saint’s medal, a Crucifix or the Miraculous Medal on it, is that OK?

As a Discalced Carmelite Secular it is generally frowned upon to wear medals on the Scapular but many do and we generally do not say anything about it, as it is not that important to make a big out of it, so far as I understand and have seen in my community.

O. Carm, also. We are asked not to attach medals to the scapular. It’s also written into our Community rules. However, that’s the rule for a Lay Carmelite.

sticknstring73, it’s up to you.

I will rather put the scapular and medal together than wear a separate scapular and a separate medal… they will just tangle.

That’s the issue for me: when I wear them on separate cords they get tangled. Last time, they became so intertwined I ended up cutting the cord on the medals just to separate them from the scapular.

I can see why attaching medals would be frowned upon for a religious or for a secular Carmelite. It is, after all, their scapular.

with due respect to everyone’s opinion… I do not see why anyone should frown at a medal being put on a scapular… no rule states they should be put together anyway, but neither is there any rule that they should not be. I personally frown at people who make their personal spirituality a rule for others.
Infact I know of a type of consecration made with a medal attached to a scapular.

and the scapular is not for the carmelites… it was given through a carmelite Simon does not make it theirs.

I think that there are many different types of Scapulars, so I think it depends on the type of Scapular one is wearing. As For the Carmelites, if one wants to put a medal on their scapular well some do and some don’t. Those who belong to a lay religious order that has a scapular I would think it depends on their rules concerning it. For us wearing the large Brown Scapular is a reminder of being under the protection of Our Lady, Mary the Blessed Mother of Our Lord and Savior Jesus.

I was thinking of wearing the brown scapular, a small wooden one with brown cloth on the back of it, they tend to be more durable and water resistant. Years ago my Dad gave me a plastic one that was a similar size and I kind of like the size. I was never enrolled (or particularly religious, my faith is now Faith) but I liked that he gave it to me so I liked wearing it, but this time around I think it is important to do it correctly. In any case the kind of scapular I would be wearing is brown.

A few days ago I started this tread and I figured I would only get one response if that and I thought that it would not be controversial, it would be either a yes or no, but you have all proved me very wrong:)

According to tradition, our Lady said to St. Simon, “This shall be to you and all Carmelites a privilege. . . . .” So it is specially theirs. To be fair, Sr. Lucia said at Fatima that our Lady wants everyone to wear the scapular, and more importantly the Church has extended its privileges to all.

But my point was not that it belongs exclusively to them, but that it is part of their habit: so that a Carmelite would justly be expected to show special reverence for his habit and singular devotion to his Order. My comment had nothing to do with what non-Carmelites do.

There are two types of Brown Scapulars, there is the large one generally worn by lay religious and the smaller one which is worn every day. I wear the large one when I attend my community and wear the small one every day.

I’ve sewn my gold miraculous medal to my brown scapular.

I kiss them when I renew my consecration to Our Lady everyday.

Despite what others may say, it’s okay to wear them on the outside.

Brown Scapular - Promise of Salvation
Miraculous Medal - Great Graces

Act Of Consecration To Our Lady Of Mount Carmel
O Mary, Queen and Mother of Carmel, I come today to consecrate myself to you, for my whole life is but a small return for the many graces and blessings that have come from God to me through your hands. Since you look with special kindness on those who wear your Scapular, I implore you to strengthen my weakness with your power, to enlighten the darkness of my mind with your wisdom, and to increase in me Faith, Hope and Charity that I may repay each day my debt of humble homage to you.
May your Scapular bring me your special protection in my daily struggle to be faithful to your Divine Son and to you. May it separate me from all that is sinful in life and remind me constantly of my duty to imitate your virtues. From now on, I shall strive to live in God’s Presence, and offer all to Jesus through you. Dearest Mother, support me by your never-failing love and lead me to paradise through the merits of Christ and your own intercession. Amen. Alleluia.

Meditation Prayer with the Miraculous Medal
Mary, this medal is a sign and a guarantee of your presence. You are present because your power is present, your voice is present and your love is present. Therefore, O wonderful Sinless Woman and our Mystical Mother, we call on you now to fulfill your guarantee. Bring us the great graces you promised to those who carry this medal, especially to those who wear it around their neck. Make us perceive our presence now and always. Make us consciously experience your power, your love and your guidance, that in their strength we may begin to share in your perfect response to God and to each of his creatures, and join in your war with the ancient Serpent. Help us utterly abandon our self-centered feelings and preoccupations. Help us hear and understand you. Teach us to listen and learn. Help us respond to you today and always;, that made one with you we might more fully respond with the rest of the Church to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, participating in their life and unity. Amen. Alleluia.

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