Scapular around ankle?

I recently saw a young woman wearing a brown scapular wrapped around her ankle; she was wearing shorts.

What does one make of this? I’m confused.

Sounds like it is becoming more of a jewelry object.

Wow. I was taught that the only time you get to wear your scapular on the outside is at your investiture – and that’s it.

I think of the scapular as something private. Like a bra is something only ladies can comisserate over, a scapular is a sacramental that only Catholics wear next to their skin nearly as much, or maybe more. It’s inherently…private. The fact that it is woen concealed isa clue to it’s

I mean, it’s one thng to talk about its construction, it’s necessity in one’s spiritual life, it’s symbolism, it’s priveleges, and it’s totally another thing to whip it out. It’s not a silent witness to anyone else, like a rosary. It’s much more confidential than that!

But sitting back, perhaps I am overreacting. After all, the scapular was once a part of the layperson’s overclothes, and not always associated with a habit,.

Well then, perhaps I find it distateful because one is wearing a sacramental that belongs around the neck, on the feet. Ick.

My first charitable thought is: If she was a woman of particular …proportion… perhaps wearing it in the usual way was uncomfortable or otherwise unsuitable? :shrug:


Was she perhaps swimming? I could see a reasonable (if misguided) desire to keep wearing the scapular while its proper place (around the neck) would be undesirable for some reason.

No, just an older teenager wearing shorts in church with a brown athlete’s scapular wrapped around an ankle; no weight problem.

I wear a scapular and was pretty stunned. For me to do that would make me feel I was disrespecting the practice.

It sounds like Father may need to have a word with this young woman on the proper wearing of the sacramental.


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