Scapular Medals

Does anyone know that if you wear a scapular medal will you receive the same graces as if you were wearing the cloth scapular? What about the Brown Scapular? Would the medal give you the same benefit?

I don’t know but I read somewhere online that the scapular medal does not give the same graces as the woolen scapular.

THE BROWN CARMELITE} scapular is the most known and carries the most merit. The scapular itself gives you nothing…it is your acceptance of the scapular and our Lady and Her Son that is important. Wearing the cloth scapular can be irksome for people–that is the point. There has never been a miracle attributed to the scapular medal. You will be invested into the brown scapular, YOU are blessed-- the scapular is the outward sign{sacramental} of your devoton to Mary.

i want want to know is that i have never had my cloth form one belled and when i go to confession i dont ask him because i feel that he is busy at the moment. would it still count for something even thoe it is not blessed.

Remember, scapulars and medals are not some sort of magic objects - one does not wear them in order to “get” something. One wears a medal or scapular as a devotion, as a sign of respect and prayer. It is the prayer and confession and other forms of piety that are connected with that visible sign - the medal or scapular - that permit us to recieve graces. Be careful that one does not become superstitious about these sacramentals.

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