Scapular Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

This has always baffled me. Can anyone explain how that would work, that anyone wearing a SCAPULAR OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY will not suffer Eternal Fire:

"Those Wearing this Scapular

shall not suffer Eternal Fire!"

I believe this is on one of the sides of it. I have some, used to always carry one in my wallet, I put one around my brother’s neck a few days before he died in the hospital. After becoming a “born again” Christian, I always felt guilty that I might have done more damage to his soul (trusting in something other than Christ’s atonement etc…not the purpose of this thread though.)

I look forward to responses.

I found my info:

I do not understand it and it freaks me out. (sorry) I could somewhat understand it if it were Jesus, but Mary?

“The Scapular must be worn on the shoulders in such a manner that one part hangs in front of the body and the other in back. Worn in any other way it carries no indulgence or promise.”

My brother wore it around his neck for days before he died…I guess that even in vain according to the above quote.

From the last link is this note:

Did you know?

Pope Benedict XV, the celebrated World War I Pontiff granted 500 days indulgence for devoutly kissing your scapular.

Why wouldn’t all Catholics automatically wear one? And if they didn’t wear one, why would they not want to wear one?

[quote=malachi_a_serva]This has always baffled me. Can anyone explain how that would work, that anyone wearing a SCAPULAR OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY will not suffer Eternal Fire:

“Those Wearing this Scapular shall not suffer Eternal Fire!”

I believe this is on one of the sides of it.


It works by manifesting your trust in Mary to obtain the grace of final perseverance in the faith you hold. The grace is obviously from God, but dispensed by Mary who is protecting the children entrusted to her.

It has no value in your wallet. It has to be worn around your neck.

That was an act of mercy. God bless you.

The grace from the scapular has its power by the merits of Jesus Christ, is available in union with the merits of the Blessed Virgin, and is for obtaining the salvation of Christ.

Unfortunately, Protestants often seem to think Jesus’ own mother is competing with Him. Instead, I think God multiplies His grace to us when He gives us His own mother to help us in such an important matter. :slight_smile:


[quote=malachi_a_serva]Why wouldn’t all Catholics automatically wear one?


Good question!

Perhaps ignorance? There are many many treasures in the Church.

Perhaps some don’t feel like committing to a faithful life of chastity and devotion. There are many nominal and faithless Catholics. The scapular carries a committment with it (2-way street).

But it is better not to wear one than to wear it and live a deliberately evil life. That would add the sin of scandal.


The scapular you guys are talking about is the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and is a sacramental of the Carmelite Order. I am a Lay Carmelite so I can tell you that it is not a charm nor does how you wear it affect any indulgences or promises attached to this devotion. Although, the proper way to wear the scapular is one part on the front and another on the back. If someone is ill and cannot wear it that way, it doesn’t matter because the blessing that comes with being enrolled in the scapular is on the person and not on the scapular itself.

Also, the promise of the Scapular is dependent on the wearer faithfully living out their baptismal promises–it is not a “get out of hell free” card by any means.

In reality, the “Brown Scapular,” as it is popularly known (because of its color), is the habit of the Carmelite Order. Those who wear it are 1) Brothers or Sisters (religious) of the Carmelite Order, who wear the full sized habit, or 2) Lay Carmelites, who wear a “ceremonial” scapular about the size of an open paperback book, but only for meetings and special functions, or 3) enrolled members of the confraternity of the Carmelite Order, who wear the small scapular under their clothing as do the Lay Carmelites on a daily basis.

There is a lot of misinformation about the Brown Scapular on the web put out by well-meaning but misinformed people who treat it more like a charm than as a sign of one’s consecration to Jesus through the example and patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

As to why Mary and supposedly not Jesus, that is a misunderstanding. Jesus is always the one with whom the wearer of the scapular desires to be united, but for us it is in union with Mary of Mount Carmel, our patroness. There is biblical support for such patronage and using holy persons as examples and models for our faith. But, we DO NOT worship Our Lady nor do we see her as an end in herself, but as she did at Cana, she points us to her Son and tells us to “do as he tells you.” :slight_smile:

Thank you to both for your responses.

God Bless You.

While the Brown Scapular is a traditional Catholic sacramental, and the reasons for wearing it has been given by Della, I have always regarded it as having it’s Scriptural roots in Deuteronomy
Chapter 6: 6-8

*"Take to heart these words which I enjoin on you today.

Drill them into your children. Speak of them at home and abroad, whether you are busy or at rest.

Bind them at your wrist as a sign and let them be as a pendant on your forehead."*

Also, in Numbers 15:37-40, we are told:

*"The LORD said to Moses,

"Speak to the Israelites and tell them that they and their descendants must put tassels on the corners of their garments, fastening each corner tassel with a violet cord.

When you use these tassels, let the sight of them remind you to keep all the commandments of the LORD, without going wantonly astray after the desires of your hearts and eyes.

Thus you will remember to keep all my commandments and be holy to your God."*

For me, the Scapular is not a free ticket to Heaven. Every day i am reminded by wearing it of the commitment (promises) I have freely made where I offer my day, and everything it contains both good and bad; as an offering to Almighty God, in reparation for my sins and those of the whole world, for the salvation of sinners, and to practise Chastity according to my status in life.

For a Catholic, choosing to wear the Brown Scapular is like enlisting in an army and wearing the uniform of a particular battalian. We are informing Satan that we are Christians who are serving under the banner of Mary in order to win souls for Christ, her beloved Son.

If you like, the scapular makes those who choose to wear it, and not everyone does, particular targets of the Enemy. I mean, those of us who wear a scapular are outawardly identifying ourselves as followers of Christ.

In Catholic Tradition, Mary is the Woman of Genesis (3:15 “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; He will strike at your head, while you strike at his heel.”) and the Woman of Revelation 12.

For the last reference, Catholic Answers can say it better than I.

For myself, I do not believe that I can wear the Scapular, live a sinful life and still get a free ticket to Heaven (or, a get-out-of Hell-free card).

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